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    Hi everyone i was wondering on how you would approach the exam tomorow for IPT as in which sections would you do first. Im thinking of working through it in logical order.
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    IPT Marathon 2006

    That seems quite confusing that question, but from my understanding all i can think of is maybe; Ethernet - Allows data to be transferred simultaneously, a standard LAN access method. And Token Ring - Operates by passing special data packets called tokens between nodes on a network However i...
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    IPT Marathon 2006

    Hey sorry Oberst Fan i just posted up my question and realised that u might have missed the quesion posted by shinjii, well there would be 2 questions up for the next runner up ^^ Question: What are the differences between Context Diagrams and Dataflow Diagrams? Question: Briefly describe...
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    IPT Marathon 2006

    Question: list and describe the different communication settings The characteristic of the communication system are the basis of the communication systems which include; Bits per second is the speed of transmission Data bits are the number of bits in each group of data Parity is whether the...
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    Section IV: Which extended response

    ESD, more preferable since it was more easy for me ^^"
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    Confess:How many pages did you write?

    woah, you guys gotta be expecting awesome results.. i only wrote 1 booklet each for section III and IV.
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    got a big problem

    Wassup TN. You know that really sucks that you got your question number screwed up, wish you all the best..
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    How to write band 6 economic essays

    Really helpful thanks..
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    How to make a good essay great...

    Thanks for the great essay tips, really helpful... :)
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    How was it? Thoughts? Comments?

    Yeh i really thought the "equity" question was hard to understand as i left it till last, i ending up writing loads of crap about how things should be "fair and equal" LOL.. there was a couple of nice questions though like the "hardware one".
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    How was it? Thoughts? Comments?

    Fairly Ind Tech: Multimedia was ok, lots of questions i wud have unexpected though.. Well Gluck everyone for english tomorow haha