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    Im Finished

    I finished...
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    finish early??

    There's gotta be a point where anything u keep writing is just repitition, and u don't get any marks for waffle. I left with 10 minutes to go, cos absolutely everyone had finished and we all just asked to leave together. 2 had already left, one with half an hour to go and one with 15 minutes...
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    What mark will you get?

    Well I guess we'll find out for real on the 18th of Dec.
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    Gender people creative

    The essay was pretty technical, but it was exactly what I'd studied for so I could go on a bit with it. The creative one, I don't know. It was good that you could write a little freer, express an opinion, and spin it any way you really wanted which was good. I wrote from the perspective of a...
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    how many pages?

    2 books each and I was damn happy. I've never written that much!!!
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    Calling the 'Gendered Language' Few

    I don't see it as a feminist course. Tannen is a woman so of course it's going to be biased that way. However it's incredibly easy to argue it either way. And really you dont have to argue it at all if u dont want to. Just present the facts and how the language relates to values. U dont have to...
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    Yeah I've got predicted marks from 95-99. Im aiming for 98 but I'll be happy with anything over 90. Don't really care about getting into my course. There's always transferral!
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    The most boring test I have done!

    It was a damn boring test. I think its cos it was so long. Even alot of the 1 mark questions in multiple choice took a bit of working. It was a change, I've always finished chem with an hour left over, this one I only had 10 minutes!!!
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    w00t! Eutrophication

    yeah, so many people in our class didn't know. I studied it this morning, so yeah that was good. Other than that, had to think back to year 10. Yuck!!! I was quickly going through our text book this morning and realised our teacher skipped the entire unit on water testing and treatment. Gives...
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    How many PAGES did you use in your option?

    Dude, what do u all crap on about. I did it in 6 pages. Any more would have been pointless waffle. I said everything I needed to say, and I think i'll get pretty good marks. If I don't it's cos I said something that was wrong, not that I didn't say enough!!!
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    Transuranic element??

    I know, i bullshitted about cyclotrons and reactors and got it all wrong I think. Oh well. I put curium too, yay!!!
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    Pretty right. I actually said that although the aluminium would be good for stopping corrosion on the hooks it wouldn't be much better than the plastic, and due to the corrosion, the aluminium the box would be weakened so that would be a bad choice.
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    Calling the 'Gendered Language' Few

    I generally talk about tannens ideas, use her anecdotal evidence and then link it in to the other texts. I find I use Twelfth Night heaps more than Elizabeth. Seems much more relavent. And we didn't get a single exemplar essay. What the hells the go with that?
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    Daily Telegraph Today-board Of Studies Reject Claims

    Mmmm, I liked the heralds article better, maybe a little over the top tho. "Tears over Maths paper from Hell" Well...
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    Mmmm, I studied that this morning. Yay!!! All about getting chlorine off artefacts from concretions.
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    Section 1 wtf!!!!!

    They're what chicken nuggets are to chickens according to Patricia Piccinini. She said that they're basically all the scrappy pointless bits of cars that have no purpose but everyone loves anyway.
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    multipule choice answers

    damn damn damn. Well it looks like I might get 10-12 out of multiple choice. That really stuffs things up.
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    That was pretty good as far as Shipwrecks usually go I think. What was with all the electrolysis stuff tho? At least there was like nothing on volta and davy etc. That gets really annoying. What did everything else think???
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    How was it ??

    I think overall it was ok. It was damn long for a chem exam tho. Usually I've got an hour at the end to spin out in, this one I only finished with 15 minutes left. I reckon I prolly got about 80+ It all depends on multiple choice which I think I fucked up.
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    multipule choice answers

    Yeah 15 is definitely A. Wouldn't 13 be B? Cos the Z is least reactive cos it didn't replace the X when X was in the Z solution.