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    Sydney Swans 2005 AFL Premiers!

    well done swans, 72 years is along wait, but so is 40 for my saints!!! god i hope we win next year after getting to the prelim twice in 2 years only to lose to the two teams that go on to win the premership, god it hurts, ah well it was a good grand final despite the flooding, the close score...
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    HSC Art, enjoying it or regretting it???

    Hey if it makes anyone feel better... i am the only person in my art class... so i have 4 periods with my teacher then 4 by myself in study lessons... and i'm the most unmotivated person ever.... try doing art by yaself for 4 lessons! it sucks. But oh well.
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    angela carter

    hey, yeh thanks for your help, made me think about some points i hadn't really thought about..... 3 minutes down only 5 to go haha! pity its due tomorrow.
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    angela carter

    Hi just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on angela carter. i have to write an 8 minute speech on her, and i really need some help !! anything i would appreciate. thanks !
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    1st and second football code

    and what code would u follow hotshot? something that wouldn't need brains or skill i bet
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    1st and second football code

    so what is everyones first football code the one they grew up with as a child supporting your team through the good times and the bad. mine is AFL. made in Australia but what is everyones second code the one they take interest in every now and then? for me it would be rugby Union i would say...
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    sex tips!!

    what and ur not 12? the way you have being typing....... somehow i dont think u should be having sex how old are you anyway? and how old is your b/f for that matter
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    hsc scores

    tip, it helps if your number one in class, i guess if ur averageing 97-8% u should be one the way ;)
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    does n e one on the forum go here

    any one here go to La trobe bendigo? im doin an arts course there and am living at the halls
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    Any other dancers here?

    i find dancing out at nightclubs is really fun, especily when ur the only guy out there :D
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    which sport do you prefer?

    go AFL Aussie rules, go saints!!!!
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    Footy Tips for the week

    geez what about AFL anyone a fan? anyone watch the St.Kilda/ Brisbane game dam it was good, go sainters
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    Arts- Wanted info on French Revolution

    Hey, does any one have any good websites or info on the French Revolution 1789-1799 ? thx all i really want is something that explains what happend how it happend why it happend, all i seem to find are academic texts on it that really shit me
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    yeah my modern hist teacher is cool as, very down to earth calling everyone "darling" etc lol
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    Who got a crap UAI? I did :(

    but there working for us coz we are paying them :p
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    and what do u class as doin well in "poor scaling subjects"?
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    Who got a crap UAI? I did :(

    same this scalling is stupid! thats exactly right! i studied hard and worked hard to get my ranks (2nds and 3rds) for in the high 70's and got ripped off
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    It's official!

    countrydude i know it wasnt u coz u done stand eng :P and sucked at it like me hahaha
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    The new generation - HSC 2004

    whats so bloody bad with 99.95 geez
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    HOW WEIRD! my UAI is almost exactly the average of my HSC marks

    same my ave was 75.8 UAI was 63.7 lower scaling subjects my arse