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  1. -xDan

    Textual Dynamics

    + body language. supposbly
  2. -xDan

    Textual Dynamics

    Lol. hai guys:music:
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    Illegal related material?

    Err, My mate was doing the great gatsby. my teacher recommended to change but he said something along the lines "not in the spirit of the hsc" Lol. So i think its acceptable however not desired?
  4. -xDan

    HAMLET INTENSIVE - Bell Shakespeare!

    Our school went to the bondi one, heard it was pretty good. except for that showing they had a female play hamlet. We also saw the bell shakespeare one at school. Brings up several good points within the play and arguments/ pov. i.e. psycho analytical
  5. -xDan

    Anyone play Tekken?

    PSP <3 ASUKA KAZAMA? or something. lol she is win. Jak 5 is cheap == set triggers. keep flying then land on em. you can fly for like 3 or 4 seconds >.> Devil jin is cheap as too. fly laser. fly laser. most people dont know how to sidestep ;D
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    well then, id be scared. but. id be more scared if he trawled these forums.
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    Laptop Under 1500?

    i probably said mates first lol. who do you sell to then? lol 300-600 thats pretty beefy system for 10% commision lol
  8. -xDan

    Rules for Customers

    i agree. BUT id do it to LULZ
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    OH SHET, i jst made a thread didnt realise there was one here already LOL el-xDan My Brute its lulz. very simplistic. thats why its good.
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    el-xDan My Brute Lols some new web thing heaps of ppl getting into JOIN =D its really simple doesnt ask for details or anything. jst wants a character name. its fun for a while. lamebutfun for the lulz
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    el-xDan My Brute

    el-xDan My Brute
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    buying CD-R's

    the mini ones dont fit in all drives. they should fit in all normal drives but theres the insert ones. where theres a slit you put it in. lol
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    Laptop Under 1500?

    Lmfao. so cheap stuff and 10% commision == lols
  14. -xDan

    Laptop Under 1500?

    so you. get discounts because you sell someones shit to your mates. lol yes. petrol
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    Laptop Under 1500?

    nice. brand new? lol Lol wtf with the ham
  16. -xDan

    Laptop Under 1500?

    yeah, was considering. lol
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    Laptop Under 1500?

    Lol.. cant really say same specs. his only quoted 2 specs lol. harddrive space and ram. pretty sure his got something better than you for the 400. or 600 or w.e. it is. lol. Ahh 150 cashback lol. oh well. still tryna find a reliable place to buy it. found a website whirlpool forums has mostly...
  18. -xDan

    Laptop Under 1500?

    LOL. theres tax rebates upto like 950 bucks. or something. plus all these other handouts the governments giving. but it seems our year 12 is gonna miss out on the free laptops lol. which will probably be something slightly worse. have you seen the figures of each student cost? it was like 1.5...
  19. -xDan

    Laptop Under 1500?

    Lol, im willing to stretch price range, but iuno. The dells i was considering because of easter specials but thats over now, and im not too excisted about the gpus that they have for the price. nah 17inch i woudnt use on the go but id use it at friends house for lan parties and the such ;D. lol...
  20. -xDan

    Bonus UAI?

    thanks alot, wasnt expecting a reply that quickly lols.