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  1. minzoir

    Cadetship 2015

    I've got a few questions that hopefully someone can answer. I'm gunning for a cadetship at a mid-tier or big 4. - Looks like applications open in the next few months, are they for a cadetship start mid-year or for 2016? - I'm doing Business @ UTS and while I'm doing first year subjects this...
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    For Those Who Are Not Yet Motivated:

    Best of luck HSC'ers, hope midcourse exams are/have gone well.
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    2012 UTS Orientation Day

    Man, when that dude gave the kid $10 everyone in the room was like "Why the hell did I not put my hand up.."
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    Who here is trying to get into a course for 2nd and final round offers?

    Hey guys, just wondering: How many people are hoping to get into a course in the 2nd or final rounds of uac offers? Also, has anyone been offered a course already but is hoping to get into a different one? - for me, I got into B Business at UTS but I am hoping to get into either B Commerce at...
  6. minzoir

    Can you buy textbooks for tablets? i.e. Kindle or Ipad?

    Sweet, thank you. Can you tell me how much the text books would cost each?
  7. minzoir

    Can you buy textbooks for tablets? i.e. Kindle or Ipad?

    Hey guys, just wondering if it were possible to buy your allocated textbooks online and read them on a tablet instead of buying or borrowing a physical copy? Just thought this would save a lot of pain lugging big books around (doing business course so will have a few books). Has anyone ever seen...
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    Post your tips and hints for first-years.

    Hey all, congrats on your offers for UTS! Just wondering if any of the more experienced UTS'ers could shed some light on some little things to remember when attending the university (or surrounding areas). Things like: Best times to go to the library (and best spots) Good and cheap places to...
  9. minzoir

    Missed ATAR Cut-off for my DREAM course by 0.05!?!

    So as we all know, offers came out last night (18th Jan). I've had my eyes on B commerce at UNSW (like many others) all year. I missed this years cut-off by 0.05 (i got 96.25 with bonus points), and received an offer for UTS business instead. Is there any chance at all of getting in at the 2nd...
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    I really really really hope I make it in. 94.25 with 2 bonus points. Missed last years cut-off by 0.45 but hopefully might just scrape in this year. Thank you for letting us know of this years bcomm intake, can anyone tell us what last years was (for comparision)? Also, so happy about the...
  11. minzoir

    Sometimes I feel so happy, sometimes I feel sad...

    yes man Wtf Wt kind of question is this every guy can get a girl man ,dont ever think shyt like that man ,come on man looks can get u have the Way bro if u got good looks but ur shy and u have low seflestm than u will never get aszz,u need to respect ur self and never call ur self ugly bro,every...
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    How long should I expect to wait for my raw marks report?

    Does the report have your overall rank in the state as well?
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    What Uni Course do you want to enter?

    Commerce @ UNSW, miss 2011 cut-off by 0.45 (with bonus points). Heard the cut-offs are dropping this year though:
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    How much work did you put in for HSC

    IMO: It's not how smart you are but how hard you work (but intelligence does help). My average mark in prelims was about 50% (easy subjects too), I was ranked very close to the bottom of all my subjects. I go to a rural school (rank 600 or something) , so this was not a good thing at all. I...
  15. minzoir

    Missed Cut-off for Commerce by 0.35????

    Thanks Aussie, I was just going to mention it if I obtained an interview, hoping that maybe it may further provoke my application's consideration.
  16. minzoir

    Do bonus points correlate to ATAR points?

    This may sound like a silly question but I would really like confirmation. Do the bonus points from universities equal the same amount in extra ATAR points. i.e. if I get 2 bonus points from a band 5 in Advanced English for courses at UNSW does that bump my ATAR up 2 points when I am considered...
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    Missed Cut-off for Commerce by 0.35????

    Hmm, yeah, I'm not trying to get an interview so I can get straight in, I only missed out by a small amount so it's more to get just a tiny edge so that they may consider me over other people. I've just heard that if the recruiters/head of faculty see your application and if you have personally...
  18. minzoir

    Missed Cut-off for Commerce by 0.35????

    Hey Guys, I need some advice, So I got an Atar of 94.25, also will receive 2 bonus points for band 5 in Eng Adv. - (1st question: do these 2 points correlate to 2 atar points?) The cut-off for the course is 96.7 (2011) so assuming the answer to the above question is yes then I will only just...
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    Commerce/Engineering @ Macquarie - What's it like?

    This was a very informative post guys, thank you very much! (both repped) :)