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  1. MiDgEt03

    Any annoyances during the exam ?

    yeah but where we do our exams Is RIGHT next to them
  2. MiDgEt03

    hand writing

    Mine sucks completley it changes as i get further down the page it never stays the same at all not even for one page
  3. MiDgEt03

    Any annoyances during the exam ?

    My exam Hall makes all these creaking nosies IS SO GOD DAMN ANNOYING And Kids playing sport on the ovals
  4. MiDgEt03

    how are YOU going in ASSESSMENTS?

    I GOT MY MARKS BACK Ok i got my marks back from that High Reniassance and the rest of the peiods art assement! I GOT 35/50 ok u might not think that that is good BUT IS IT 4 ME my teacher is very proud of me Escpecilly good seeing that i only spent 1 week on it and i had it 4 bout2 months lol
  5. MiDgEt03

    What School Are You All From?

    COWRA HIGH GO THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS :D I live in a liitle town called woodstock it sucks it has like 270ppl in it im the only one in year 12 who lives here but i got to cowra high which is half an hour away theres like 900 kids thats all in the hole school 7-12 i do: English-standard (ME...
  6. MiDgEt03

    how are YOU going in ASSESSMENTS?

    im doing ok my art teacher likes my progress but im only getting in the middle of my class im not doing as good as i would like but i dont get the theory side of art :confused: I just did an assement on the early peroids of art like early renassice and high renassice (cant spell it lol) and...