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  1. spicychickennuggets

    English Ext 1st in School| ATAR 99.50 |Band 6 HSC tutoring |English Adv & Ext 1

    Hi :) I’m Joanna and I graduated from Meriden in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.50. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/ Law at UNSW. Offering affordable, 1-on-1 private tutoring for English Advanced and Extension 1. Qualifications for English: Overall rank 1in English...
  2. spicychickennuggets

    Which scales better? Lat cont. vs bio and Lat ext. vs bio

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my head around scaling to decide whether to drop Latin Extension or Biology, going into the HSC. I enjoy both subjects, but I currently have 13 units and would prefer to drop one of the two subjects before 2022. Also if anyone has done both Latin and Bio at a year 12...
  3. spicychickennuggets

    Reimagined Worlds text inspo

    Hey, does anyone have suggestions of texts outside the syllabus related to the elective, Reimagined Worlds? I want to do some holiday reading to get a feel for the module. Thanks in advance.
  4. spicychickennuggets

    Matrix vs Zhangs for science tutoring

    bahaha true the thing is not all the teachers there have a lot of experience (most are recent grads)- i've heard matrix teachers are better but idk tbh
  5. spicychickennuggets

    Matrix vs Zhangs for science tutoring

    Hey guys, So i currently go to Zhang's HSC tutoring for chem and bio but i'm thinking of trying out Matrix Education. Has anyone been there/ been to both? If so how is it/ which one do u prefer?
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    Latin translation help

    Yes it does, thank you!
  7. spicychickennuggets

    Latin translation help

    Does anyone know how to translate this: centurio tristis ad Quintum pertulit exercitum in magno periculo esse. Also, how would u change the underlined to a direct statement? Thanks!
  8. spicychickennuggets

    Latin notes

    hey guys I'm currently compiling some Latin notes on grammar from class with examples and will upload when I'm done - if anyone has any other notes on grammar, commentary, poetry translations pls share :):jump: