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  1. Huy

    Predictions and Results (Semester 1 2009)

    Commerce/Engineering, over. :headbang:
  2. Huy

    Internships 2008/09

    I did individual subjects. Had to dig them up. I uploaded a transcript as well as individual marks inputted.
  3. Huy

    Accounting Vacation Internships - 2009/10

    Where did you hear this? 10 grad positions offered to vaccies per division sounds like a lot. They don't take on many vaccies firmwide to begin with.
  4. Huy

    2010 Accounting Graduate Programs

    ITA also do advisory work, but you are correct, there is an audit component to ITA as well. They look at a range of systems, not just security.
  5. Huy

    2010 Accounting Graduate Programs

    There are two Audit divisions: FS and Audit 2. I'm guessing you have looked here already:
  6. Huy

    Sub-Zero Air Conditioning

  7. Huy

    Regretting not going to USYD

    Commerce at USYD is not offered midyear through UAC. Wait until end of the year and go apply again. You'll be judged on 50/50 UAI and your Macquarie yearly WAM (GPA).
  8. Huy

    posible to transfer to another degree in session 2

    Go through UAC and it'll be UAI only so you should have picked BE/BCom if you made the cut-off. It's easier to get rid of a degree if you started off with a double.
  9. Huy

    Anybody successful in gaining a job from 2008/2009 Vacation Work

    KPMG vaccie here. KPMG grad next year. Sydney.
  10. Huy

    Tainted academic record?

    Interesting transfer. I'm in Comm/Eng USYD myself (Hons year). Anyway, you will get credit for what you want credited (upon attaching your UNSW transcript to a credit application). If you did a couple of engineering courses and then failed them, then went to Arts, they won't be included in your...
  11. Huy

    How to ensure INFO1903 lectures are recorded?

    They're not going to record them. It's School of IT. You'll just have to catch up in your own time (read slides).
  12. Huy

    Semester 1 Timetables

    Re: Summer '08-09 Chatter Thread Honours timetable. :devil:
  13. Huy

    Unit of Study Outline Exchange

    Re: seeking MECO, GCST and HSTY outlines S1 2008: INFS2010 - Managing Information and Knowledge Assets (2008) INFS3060 - Managing BIS Projects (2008)
  14. Huy

    The Dean's List?

    I don't think this is correct. I'm on the List and I received a C for one (engineering) subject. The rest were Ds and HDs. Last year I was on it as well, with two Cs thrown in there with the rest being Ds/HDs. So that can't be right.
  15. Huy

    The Dean's List?

    Weird, I thought it was a D average too. Maybe they changed the rules (doubt it). I am pretty sure it's not D average over the entire duration of your course, because I've been on the Dean's List without having the D throughout the entire course (I think). Or maybe it's D average for your...
  16. Huy

    double degree

    Midyear transfer through UAC. They're not going to let you do an internal transfer since you'd be from another Faculty.
  17. Huy

    Internships 2008/09

    KPMG internship 08/09 just ended yesterday.
  18. Huy

    Subject Selections 2009

    ECOF3001 Business Strategy ELEC4702 Practical Experience ELEC4712 Honours Thesis A ELEC4713 Honours Thesis B
  19. Huy

    BOS USYD Roll Call 2009

    Huy Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) VI, trans. UNSW I'm an oldie. :jedi:
  20. Huy


    They don't do minors.