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  1. Yakult1

    Any tips for reducing tension

    Treat it like a trial, come in prepared, smash it out, and party hard afterwards 😂.
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    In between exams

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    #2022 HSC Chat

    good luck guys
  4. Yakult1

    Class of 2021, do you have any comeback moments during your HSC year?

    got a 24% in my english standard speech at the start of the year, ended up getting an 86 in the hsc. u got this.
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    Who's doing an all nighter for results today?

    dont lie bruh im getting scared are u fr
  6. Yakult1

    How are Yr12 T1 exams going for you guys?

    Good luck to everyone in the class of 2022, I hope you guys don’t have to deal with the shit that we had to.
  7. Yakult1

    formal outfits 😫

    My formal was in june..
  8. Yakult1

    Who’s finished their exams

    Thats just unlucky.
  9. Yakult1

    Who’s finished their exams

    What do you plan on doing in melbourne? Hope you enjoy your time btw :)
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    Dont stress, as long as you have valid evidence you should be fine. Make sure you go get the evidence on the day of your exam and submit the form ASAP. Also, it wouldnt hurt to inform your teacher and principal about the situation so they are aware and can contact NESA if needed. Taken from the...
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    what time in the year was this years hsc written?

    Early in the year, before any lockdowns.
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    Chill and enjoy your break, everything will be fine
  13. Yakult1

    Note taking: Laptop or Handwritten

    Just make sure that you are accurately marking yourself, and be harsh on yourself as well.