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  1. harrowed2

    Where can we find the 2022 past papers?

    Wonderful, thank you so much!
  2. harrowed2

    Where can we find the 2022 past papers?

    Thank you Tywebb! Will there be any Standard 2 Trial papers coming soon?
  3. harrowed2

    Where can I find Past hsc solution prior to 2009?

    Here is a set of solutions to the 1998 paper
  4. harrowed2

    Maths Ext 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    Here are the solutions by itute :
  5. harrowed2

    Math Advanced Prediction/Thoughts

    Here are the Advanced solutions from itute
  6. harrowed2

    2 questions

    No longer in the Syllabus
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    HSC Extension 1 Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    Here are Terry Lee's solutions
  8. harrowed2

    HSC Advanced Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    There are mistakes in these answers
  9. harrowed2

    Share your new syllabus resources + 2019 & 2020 Trial Papers

    The paper listed as Gosford 2020 Standard 2 Trial is actually the Gosford 2020 Advanced Trial.
  10. harrowed2

    induction question

    Not topics, but some concepts. The mechanics chapter, for example, has a section on static and dynamic friction which I couldn't find in the other texts.
  11. harrowed2

    induction question

    It's ok, does some topics well, but has some material that is not covered by the others, which adds to the confusion of what to concentrate on. My pick is the new Cambridge text, followed by Fitzpatrick Ed 3 and the new Terry Lee.
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    induction question

    Yes, I would have normally have solved this question with differentiation, but the textbook asked for the statement to be proved using Mathematical Induction, and was a "hence prove" follow on from part a.
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    induction question

    Yes, the question came from the new Maths in Focus Ext 2 textbook in ch 5 Mathematical Induction Exercise 5.04 Q3 part b.
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    induction question

    Thank you!
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    induction question

    Here is my working for that question. I have left the n=1 step out to allow the solution to fit on one page.
  16. harrowed2

    Cambridge Extension 2 solutions available

    I have the textbook but haven't been able to find these solutions. Where will I find them?
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Here are the solutions by itute: Extension 1 Solutions
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    Thoughts on standard maths?

    itute solutions for Standard 1 are here: Standard 1
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    Mathematics Predictions/Thoughts

    Here are a set of solutions from itute.