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  1. samantha_s

    geometry question

    hi, could someone please help me with this question? thanks!
  2. samantha_s

    Nursing Roll Call

    BNursing, first year at City Campus. I'm looking forward to it :)
  3. samantha_s

    BoS UTS Rollcall! Wooot!

    BNursing, first year ^^
  4. samantha_s

    asian artists! >< who are you're favourites?

    Dong Bang Shin Ki Fly to the Sky m-flo Melody Nicholas Tse Utada Hikaru
  5. samantha_s

    So i choose UTS over USYD or UNSW.

    I chose nursing at UTS over USYD because I like the course structure better. USYD does have a nice environment, but I think UTS is fine.
  6. samantha_s

    UTS advisory day

    Maybe I'll see you there lol. Not many people I know are want to do nursing. I was also thinking of paediatrics because I like working with children. My sister's friend said it can be heartbreaking though. My family is fine with nursing, except my mum. I know there will be hard work, but I'll...
  7. samantha_s

    UTS advisory day

    BNursing at UTS or BScience/MNursing at USYD. I think I might go to UTS too though. BScience is probably more for background knowledge. The UTS Faculty of Nursing look really passionate about what they do, and the ability to specialise in a certain area does sound good :) That's good advice...
  8. samantha_s

    UTS advisory day

    I went too! I did have a nice time and it clarified details for me, but I'm still a little torn between UTS and USYD.
  9. samantha_s


    Does anyone here do nursing in a combined degree? I'm thinking of studying Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing at USYD and was wondering if this would be better than undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing degree at another uni. What do you think about this combined degree? Your help would be...
  10. samantha_s

    Section III: Which extended response?

    I chose the macro/micro question.
  11. samantha_s

    Section IV: Which extended response

    I chose the environment one.
  12. samantha_s

    Final Comments:To Shakespeare et. al. (Farewell wishes-goodbye!)

    To Shakespeare et. al., I didn't mind learning what we did in English but I have to say I'm glad it's over. Keep it real! Love, Samantha
  13. samantha_s

    Order of sections

    ABC, my time management was all right.
  14. samantha_s

    How many pages did you write? [Merged]

    Re: How many pages did you write? A (Emma and Clueless): 8 B (King Lear): 6 C (Telling the Truth): 7
  15. samantha_s

    Order of Sections

    I did it the paper in order (1-2-3), which was the sequence I had used for my half-yearly and trial as well. Yet this time it didn't work so well. It might have been unwise, but I spent an extra 5 minutes on Section 1 and 2 (I had to change my original creative writing plan), then I rushed...
  16. samantha_s

    Section III - For or Against

    I was For the statement because I could use it to expand my thesis, as speculation leads to self-discovery and increased awareness of the world.
  17. samantha_s

    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    I agree, that wasn't very nice, ekkyzZ. I'm relieved, that's all. It's ok though, hopefully the markers will see your reasoning, but anyway as Abz said, concentrate on the modules ^^
  18. samantha_s

    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    I'm pretty sure now that I didn't make that mistake. To the minority who did, you can't do anything now, don't worry! Now you can make sure that you won't do the same thing for your next exams. Best of luck to everyone!
  19. samantha_s

    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    Bleh, the paper is a blur now haha. That's why I'm worrying about what I wrote. Were the questions for Text One something like why are the photographers described as nomads, and to choose one photo and discuss how it supports the quote?
  20. samantha_s

    help please! wizard of oz

    Thanks wannablawyer and beckywecky! I'm doing The Wizard of Oz too and needed some guidance.