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  1. fanxychild

    Common module terminology

    Hey guys, Could anyone please explain what distinguishes each of these terms (according to the rubric): - human experiences - human qualities and emotions - human behaviour and motivations From my understanding of the rubric, experiences shape qualities, emotions, behaviour and motivations, but...
  2. fanxychild

    Chemistry New Syllabus Advice / Sample Answers by an Experienced HSC Tutor

    Will chemistry modules 1-4 be assessed in the HSC exam (or will it be assumed knowledge)?
  3. fanxychild

    Preliminary Physics 2019 Syllabus

    Please send them to me too! Thanks :)
  4. fanxychild

    Roll Call: For Preliminary 2019

    Hey guys, I'm doing: English Adv English Ext Math Adv Math Ext Physics Chemistry Design and Technology (considering changing to PDHPE.. any recommendations anyone?) I've already completed HSC IPT. ATAR goal is 99+ and course preference UNSW Med / Monash Med Good luck everyone!