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    Best/worst creative idea?

    What ideas are you planning to use? I will personally write a 800-word short story based on the best or most absurd idea (as well as giving whoever posts it a free subscription to Elocue). Do your worst.
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    Anyone gotten an atar of 99+ without tutoring?

    Yes. For the usual questions: Engl Ext2, Maths Ext 2, Latin Ext 1, French Cont. Practical exercises instead of cramming, plus regular exercise with a healthy dose of vengeance on the side. No, my parents are not Asian tigers.
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    Need help and advice on subject selection!!

    English Ext for me. NOT because of my background. Why? Work:reward ratio. Economics and Geo are both standalone subjects (i.e. your study is only relevant for that subject). Moreover, you have to cram a lot for both (heavy memorisation, lots of course material), and scaling degrades your scores...
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    How are you going to prepare for English throughout the holidays?

    If I were you, I'd be focusing on reading, watching, and playing as many texts as I can. Not just set texts - anything that you enjoy or wanted to read but never had the chance. First of all, this will give you a good idea of supplementary texts. For example, if you go and play The Last of Us...
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    Is memorising essays such a bad idea? Discuss. This has probs come up before, but...

    Re: Is memorising essays such a bad idea? Discuss. This has probs come up before, bu Solid performance in English is not about natural aptitude. That is a bullshit myth that people keep perpetuating because it gives them an excuse for failing to improve. Hawkrider's testimony over the past...
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    getting 99.95....

    I'm going to respond to the OP on each of those bolded points. Diminishing returns kicks in when your ATAR approaches 99.95. A number of people have alluded to this already, but I can attest that there are only two factors which determine if you get the top (and I mean THE top) ATAR. They...
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    Gotta Love Skrzynecki, ideas for related texts?

    Pan's is overdone but you can still do well with it. I used Pan's for Journeys (along with about a third of my cohort apparently) and it was fine - you just need to analyse it well, that's all. Which you should try to do for everything anyway. As another example, I'm pretty sure The Pianist is...
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    Gotta Love Skrzynecki, ideas for related texts?

    My Extension 1 unit was Crime Fiction. So my two supplementary texts were Deus Ex (yep, the original) and a Doctor Who episode. 94/100 for final result and top of school in trials. In my first year of university, I had a final exam on postmodernism in media. I referred extensively to World War...
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    related text for extension english

    You should use Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I'm only half-joking. If you are after similar texts, there are a whole bunch of other Victorian-era novels that could suit you. I mean, it's not like Austen just wrote the one novel either. As an aside, I had a supplementary text system whereby...
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    Belonging, As You Like It and The King's Speech

    Additionally, start off thinking about each text separately. So ask yourself "what is it about Shakespeare's work that relates to belonging, or related topics like alienation/community/identity?" And then ask yourself "what about, say, the performances of Firth and Rush? How do those convey a...
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    Scoring 96+ HSC Mark in Advanced English

    Around 25 words, or however much sounds right when you read it aloud. Remembering of course the Orwellian rule about rules. The best way to get around the issue of no past papers is to set yourself your own questions. This in fact helps align your thinking with what the unit's covering - you're...
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    25 words or less. Each round's loser chooses the next style (genre?). Judging panel of 3, I...

    25 words or less. Each round's loser chooses the next style (genre?). Judging panel of 3, I nominate strawberrye. Your turn
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    I was born ready so who starts

    I was born ready so who starts
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    We should have a story-off

    We should have a story-off
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    Short Story Ideas

    almost this PS Gattaca This was my personal favourite. Talk about under-appreciated talent right here.
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    Short Story Ideas

    That's a lot of clichéd topics...nice work, school. Identity is great because, well, anything and everything can be about identity. So, for example, a slug dreams that it is a koi, but has to go about every day doing slug things (squelching, eating leaves, not getting consumed by birds), so it...
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    Help with techniques!

    Anaphora (though maybe a slight stretch)
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    Personification and, if you want, juxtaposition
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    Feature articles/short stories for conflicting perspectives?

    one of my students did this in her trials The school said "you need 1 supplementary", then asked for two, so she made up a story about Hiroshima I like to think I taught her well
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    Extension English narrative assignment

    4000 words?!?! that's a lot I disagree with you all. Start with your characters first. If you want to make things really interesting, go for non-human characters. You can tap into some of the Dreamtime myths here - maybe, for example, a snake that once created all the rivers but now has to go...