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  1. mercurydrinker

    Favourite bands/music

    finally got into radiohead jian? Shite I like: Radiohead Sigur Ros Autechre Smashing Pumpkins A Perfect Circle Aphex Twin Tool Mum Plaid The Dandy Warhols Muse I also like some classical and I'm into film scores... e.g. Lord of the Rings, Donnie Darko, Virgin Suicides, Requiem...
  2. mercurydrinker

    ...Lord Of The Rings...

    My review of the movie... Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King In every trilogy in cinema history the third film is never the best, this is evident in the Terminator, Back to the Future and Star Wars trilogies, amongst many others. Return of the King, the third film in Peter Jacksons...
  3. mercurydrinker

    buying guy's album?

    I think I'd shoot myself in the head before I'd listen to that tripe.
  4. mercurydrinker

    Greatest ever game created....ever

    yeah Doom as well... don't know about RotT though... I think Quake had much more of an effect, especially in regards to multiplayer gaming... I agree with you on the other games though... except for Deus Ex, which I've only played the demo of... I'd add Age of Empires II and Rise of...
  5. mercurydrinker

    B Digital Media @COFA

    if anyones still interested, I'm doing Media and Commmunications at UNSW... from what I gather there is a fair bit of difference between the two. Digital Media is graphic design, animation and fine arts type stuff. Media and Comm. is an Arts course with a Media and Comm. core. In first...
  6. mercurydrinker

    so who else got radiohead tickets???

    I got a crappy seat for the first show, and standing for the second show... I got there at 8:10 and there was already a considerable line... I only found out about the second show, AFTER I got the tickets when I was on my way home >:( I had to get my sis's friend to get me a standing...
  7. mercurydrinker

    Kill Bill

    It was good. However I was a little let down, expected a little better from Tarantino. Highlights were definitely the final showdown and the anime sequence. I didn't think the whole non-linear storyline served any purpose other than make a simple plot seem slightly more complex. And the...
  8. mercurydrinker

    Greatest ever game created....ever

    Nah, Wolfenstein 3D started it...
  9. mercurydrinker

    Underrated Films

    Well clearly its underrated considering it was a critical and commercial sucess in addition to winning "Best Picture"... Underrated movies: Back to the Future II and III (even though the first is the best) Addams Family I and II (no one seems to like these two) Contact Fargo Citizen Kane...
  10. mercurydrinker

    The Two Towers was a crap movie

    Crazyhobo is probably just doing this to get a reaction... I'm ashamed that he's a smashing pumpkins fan.
  11. mercurydrinker

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    I didn't think Titantic was a terrible movie, it was good. But using the academy awards to judge the quality of a movie is just stupid. Citizen Kane never got an oscar, Pulp Fiction AND Shawshank Redemption lost to Forrest Gump, Memento didn't even get nominated for best picture...
  12. mercurydrinker

    is UNSW really religious????!?!?!?

    :lol: no just some bloke...
  13. mercurydrinker

    The movie review thread

    Yeah, actually Tarantino probably rips off (or "references") more films than any other director...
  14. mercurydrinker

    The movie review thread

    Just ashame it was basically ripped off from Tarantino.... Still good though...
  15. mercurydrinker

    sigur ros anyone?

    are they that weird? well I guess the guy sounds like he's been castrated, but he still sounds great, in an androgynous sorta way.... probably one of the my favourite vocalists....
  16. mercurydrinker

    The movie review thread

    I quite like it as well... *very* well shot, which is what I come to expect from the bloke who did American Beauty and Jude Law and Tom Hanks were great. One of the best movies of that year I think... 8/10
  17. mercurydrinker

    The movie review thread

    I honestly don't know what to say.
  18. mercurydrinker

    Survivor : Pearl Islands

    Well, it could've been in part that she wasn't honest about the the incident with Tijuana and that she had a pretty piss poor reason to go against her (she said she was "annoying" and that was it). You don't have to consider it backstabbing, but she just seemed not very nice... so she got...
  19. mercurydrinker

    How crap is Australian Idol??

    you're a sensitive one, you are...
  20. mercurydrinker

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    Most of those movies I was forced to watch with friends with mind numbingly bad taste... and admittedly I haven't seen Black Knight, but my sister said it was god awful... and I've got very similar taste to her... so theres no contradiction.