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  1. s2indie

    Sign Out Day!

    We had three consecutive fridays to signout from school, and I did it on the second friday straight after my chem exam. So many textbooks. Heavy. But the teachers all went into one room to make it easier for us to return textbooks and to get signed. Then headed to the fees office and head...
  2. s2indie

    What is the fate of the your nates/books?

    Some I kept. Most I threw, in the recycling bin. I haven't seen my table this clean for years!
  3. s2indie

    Mc Q14: Aas

    I put B. I didn't look at the data either just stabbed it into the calc.
  4. s2indie

    How Early Did You Finish

    I took my time too. I finished with 10 minutes.. and went back to try and figure out the pH question too. Still didn't.
  5. s2indie

    Finished HSC!! (merged)

    Re: Finished HSC!! YAY! I finished after chemistry! I was smiling the last ten minutes of the exam. :D Then handed back all my textbooks and signed out of school. Forever. OHHHH... the goodness.
  6. s2indie

    post up your itunes top 25

    1. Boats And Birds - Gregory and the Hawk (172) 2. Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie (142) 3. Magazine - Pedro The Lion (136) 4. In The Sun - Joseph Arthur (123) 5. Something To Look Forward To - Spoon (118) 6. Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol (113) 7. I Will Follow You Into The...
  7. s2indie

    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    lol, it looks like i got 9-10/15. hahah i got 5/15 for my trials.
  8. s2indie

    Who wishes

    YES! I know how you feel. Damn you chemistry. Damn you SOR. But after chemistry, I'll be returning all my textbooks and signing out of school. :D
  9. s2indie

    Questions that weren't worth it.

    I wrote the same thing.
  10. s2indie

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    bleh. 17/20. I misread a question.
  11. s2indie

    Confess:How many pages did you write?

    2 pages short of the booklet. Each. My writing's small though.
  12. s2indie

    Help! again!

    2.5 is correct. MPS = 0.4 (MPC + MPS = 1) k = 1/0.4 k = 2.5 err.. yeh badly explained..
  13. s2indie

    Are you ready? (...and how to?)

    My teacher said it didn't have to be an essay. It can be a report. Headings, sub-headings, and he also said LOTS of diagrams. But remember to refer to them haha.
  14. s2indie

    My mum just told me that burning my English notes is immature.

    I simply threw them into the recycling bin. I didn't want to keep them any longer.
  15. s2indie

    Finished HSC!! (merged)

    Re: Finished HSC!! ...... I still have THREE left! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So jealous.
  16. s2indie

    the new shins album

    I really like it. It's so different, a lot more subtler. My favourites are "sleeping lessons" and "phantom limbs"
  17. s2indie

    Finding it really hard to study?

    YES! I fell asleep in the library today. I fell asleep on SOR - which I really don't mind. I've got a good week left till my next three exams. Eco on tuesday, SOR on thursday and Chem on friday. :D Only one week left - persevere!
  18. s2indie

    What have you learned about yourself during hsc?

    That I am an extremely skilled procrastinator. That sleep is a luxury - cause I do my assessments last minute. As time goes by, I care less and less about the HSC. That my pen always run out of ink in english papers. That the HSC year is a great time to socialise and make new friends. And I...
  19. s2indie

    Rank the exam

    It was fair. Although, some questions were a bit too long.
  20. s2indie

    Who didn't finish just because the paper was long not TERRIBLY hard?

    Yes, the applications for some questions took so long for only 2/3 marks. So I ended up having only enough time to skip the end of Q9 and jump over to do Q10's Simpson Rule. I didn't have time to check over my answer, so that's plenty of silly mistakes, and plenty of marks down the drain.