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    Do We Need to Know Pearson's correlation formula?

    The syllabus specifies we need to "calculate and interpret Pearson's correlation coefficient" but the formula itself is not written in the syllabus or the data sheet. So do we have to memorise the formula? Or do any questions that involve this formula just provide it for you?
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    Quick question: Is implicit Differentiation still in the hsc?

    Implicit differentiation questions have explicitly appeared in some hsc past papers. Are they assessable for our hsc year?
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    How to do a discursive reflection?

    In a reflection you're supposed to make comparisons between your MOD C texts and how they inspired you. How are you meant to link a discursive and compare it to MOD C's poems and short stories? They seem way too different for any stylistic features or similar symbols to pop up.
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    Any 'cheat' ways to get a high atar?

    Wouldn't advise this method. In my junior years (didn't count for anything and was before HSC) I didn't outright get tutors to write my essays but they helped a lot. This was a terrible strategy. I learnt almost nothing on how to write essays or answer comprehension questions. This last year has...
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    The Key To Completing an English Exam?

    I've tried searching for past forums about this and checked websites and can't find any opinions. Long story short, how many minutes would you guys spend on each section of the English advanced paper 1 and paper 2 exams?
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    This story will change your life for the 'Greatest'.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on the fact that practicing at one type of problem will reduce the time taken to solve similar problems (as you've said from 3 hours to seconds) as you learn what special strategies work best and refine technique. All I was explaining was that to the speed at...
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    This story will change your life for the 'Greatest'.

    Responding to your point about IQ, unfortunately IQ itself can't be increased. While practice at one problem improves performance in solving that same problem or similar problems (giving the illusion of a higher IQ), in actuality these exercises have 0 impact on the speed of problem solving when...
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    Writing more than given space

    They won't penalise you as long as you write within the page borders. However, if you consistently write more than what questions recommend it might be hurting you more than helping. It could mean you're not writing concisely meaning you put in more effort for the same amount of marks while...
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    Cambridge exercises: are they unnecessarily challenging?

    Cambridge exercises are designed to build up from incredibly easy questions to questions that are unnecessarily difficult. I'd say cambridge questions are great for building up answering techniques but the last questions in the chapters (extension questions) are usually just not even worth...
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    How hard is extension 1 maths if it's self taught?

    Not as difficult as you'd think. With the right process it can be even more effective than learning in class. This is how I taught myself extension 1 math: Read Cambridge textbook explanation. If I still don't understand it look up an Eddie Woo video. Do questions from said book (you don't...
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    Accidental Plagiarism? ENJOY A ZERO!!!

    jimmysmith560 this helps a lot! Thank you!!! On a side note I just want to say I've seen you posting on a lot of threads and I'd just like to acknowledge all the insane effort you put into each and every reply! Even though you've already finished HSC you still give your time and valuable...
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    Accidental Plagiarism? ENJOY A ZERO!!!

    You got me! English is the subject I'm most unfamiliar with and it's so hard to tell what counts as plagiarism! I might even be going too far with how I define it. E.g. for 1984 I thought a thesis saying totalitarian control leads to suppression might be plagiarism. BUT THAT'S THE MESSAGE OF...
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    Accidental Plagiarism? ENJOY A ZERO!!!

    With thousands upon thousands of students doing the same text year after year, isn't there a 100% chance that at least two people will use the EXACT same quotes for an essay? Out of curiosity, what would happen? Would they get picked up for plagiarising? If so I'd assume this would be a hot issue.
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    what makes selective schools better?

    I'd say 80% of the time (traditional) tutoring can be replaced by just grit and hard work (except for subjects that you're hopelessly weak in). Doing well at a selective schools isn't 100% dependent on tutoring. While tutoring can provide you direction, from my experience and what I've seen from...
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    what makes selective schools better?

    Agreeing with above, the main difference is the people and culture: ADV - Shared respect for academics --> way more competition between students. - You're almost guaranteed to find someone smarter than you --> encourages you to work even harder, and humbles you. - Opportunities to meet students...
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    Where Does Plagiarism Start, and Inspiration End?

    I've found an essay with mostly perfect summative quotes for a text. Is it okay if 80% of my essay's quotes where aligned with this essay? Or is that just plagiarism?
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    I think I am screwed

    As everyone else has said: past papers. What you'll often find is that even if you haven't memorised something word for word your understanding is good enough to secure the marks. Reduces time wasted on some unneeded memorising.
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    English is our last hope?

    Wow. I didn't expect to get so many replies. All I can say is just... thanks. I really appreciate all your advice and I'm glad to find out HSC English isn't exactly a 100% good indicator of your critical skills. This community is amazing!
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    English is our last hope?

    I've been struggling to study English a lot lately. I'm incredibly scared of not succeeding in a subject that supposedly measures my ability to 'think' and 'communicate'. These skills are incredibly crucial in the real world. They could mean the difference between a promotion and a failed...
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    so unmotivated - literally can't get myself to do anything

    nourished. has got some great points. The hardest part about getting out of a rut is starting. Same goes for studying. Once you perform that herculean effort, it becomes so much easier and flows on.