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  1. Valupatitta

    Is the Arc Student club worth it?

    first 5 minutes: WOW this is cool! freebies! the rest of the day: fml get me out of here!
  2. Valupatitta

    Is the Arc Student club worth it?

    or is it worthless?
  3. Valupatitta

    how was first day of o-week?

    good? boring? comment away :)
  4. Valupatitta

    Survivor: Heroes vs. Villiains

    Sandra/ Parvati/ Russell are final 3. It is speculated that Russell gets no votes from the jury and Sandra is most likely the winner due to her amazing performance @ Final tribal council.
  5. Valupatitta

    University of Newcastle

    its really crap. like really shit.
  6. Valupatitta

    Business and Commerce Help

    why bother trying to pass? it wont help. i mean come on. ure in uws.lmao
  7. Valupatitta

    marketing as a major

    if i wanna do a double major whats a good major that goes well with marketing?
  8. Valupatitta

    Avatar (2009)

    its long, boring and the storyline was pretty dull for a sci fi to be honest. WAYYYYYYY TOOOOOO MANY FLYING IN THE AIR my head was so dizzy afterwards esp. cos it was 3D and i was sitting in the 3rd row i wanted to vomit lol
  9. Valupatitta

    Tanning: yes or no

    tanning is for wannabee niggas
  10. Valupatitta

    marketing as a major

    is it hard to find job and is it low salary for pplz that work in the marketing world? thxxx
  11. Valupatitta

    What is UNSW like in terms of social life, for Aussie Caucasians?

    Zomgzzzz dis thread is simply racist!~ im surprised its not deleted yet
  12. Valupatitta

    Is Commerce/ Information Systems good?

    Is it good for employment? like would u be more likely be employed if u have knowledge in computing
  13. Valupatitta

    bonus points scheme

    no. as far as i know commerce (international) has no bonus points scheme
  14. Valupatitta

    Anyone get 90+/95+ without b6s?

    hehe i got 91.3 without any band 6s. mind u theyre all low band 5s / E3s hahaha i love scaling xD
  15. Valupatitta

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    No more hsc yesss 91.30!!!
  16. Valupatitta

    What is your confirmed ATAR?

    91.30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss omfgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg :'( all i wanted was 90+ hahahahahaah thank u goddddddddd
  17. Valupatitta

    ATAR Statistics & Scaling Report 2009

    re: ATAR Statistics & Scaling Report 2009 Does this mean there are alot more ppl within 90+ range??? Omfgggg
  18. Valupatitta

    bonus points question

    THXXX lordPC tht made me feel so much better thanxxxx