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  1. OMGITzJustin

    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    It's actually program wam if you want to be super clear. Courses are the subjects.
  2. OMGITzJustin

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2016 From experience I believe it's up until the time of application. Shouldn't matter too much either way, unless you're worried because you just made the cutoff but you're scared this sem your wam could get destroyed.
  3. OMGITzJustin

    Days off

    yeah, it will cause you to fail hsc
  4. OMGITzJustin

    2015 Sem 2 Finals Thread

    How was accounting 1B exam?
  5. OMGITzJustin

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Education/Science, double degree I believe, cant do single degree education with science
  6. OMGITzJustin

    Motorcycle parking?

    next to law people sometimes people park like morons, I would go behind physics building
  7. OMGITzJustin

    Biology exam thoughts

    biology exams are typical very easy, but your raw mark should be close to your actual mark
  8. OMGITzJustin

    Electronic Dance Music

    new Avicii released a few hours ago, seems like his style has definitely changed from recent releases too, which isnt a bad thing imo
  9. OMGITzJustin

    The Football Thread

    lets go!!! Cheslea (home) vs Arsenal, get pumped lads
  10. OMGITzJustin

    Apple WWDC 2015

    ipad pro come at me
  11. OMGITzJustin

    Blacktown name change

    tbh I see nothing wrong with the name change, if anything it removes the social stigma in things like property investment or even a place to go
  12. OMGITzJustin

    The Football Thread

    BPL opener tonight utd vs spurs, GET PUMPED
  13. OMGITzJustin

    UNSW Chit Chat Thread

    Re: UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2015. LOL can confirm 10000%
  14. OMGITzJustin

    Electronic Dance Music

    not sure if this is really EDM, but new Calvin Harris I'll take it for me its a late night driving track, or at night when home
  15. OMGITzJustin

    Masterchef 2015

    not a chance billie deserved it for me that dessert looked simple (I reckon it was the easiest dish to cook that challenge) and she even pointed out that it looked much more complicated doing the whole liquid nitrogen thingo edit: got a bad feeling georgia might win > the next julie goodwin...
  16. OMGITzJustin

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    were the textbooks new?
  17. OMGITzJustin

    Masterchef 2015

    come on reynold, got unlucky with the picks for this challenge, couldnt pick the dessert! wouldve been gameover if got to choose it, lets hope he doesnt get eliminated in tomorrow round (it's fish again...) edit: billie the fken snake choosing dessert
  18. OMGITzJustin

    Apple Watch / iPhone 6

    was it easy to clamp on with the little factory pieces? I assume you got that small screwdriver
  19. OMGITzJustin

    Econ1101 vs econ 1203

    not sure how mreditor knows that, if it's friends sample space (himself getting 100), probably not a good indication