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    Ultimate Guide to First Year Physics

    What do you mean by "right marker"? how does this work and how do you know who to choose?
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    BCom - Pen/Paper Vs. Laptop - Pros & Cons

    Don't really want to start a new thread (hopefully it's alright, OP) but are laptops good for engineering? I am planning to do Bcom/Bengineering so for note taking would a laptop be useful? or are they mainly used for assignments @ the library? How do paper people cope with the sound of people...
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    Is UNSW arts 78.00 or 80.00 for us ?

    i heard about this aswell
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    Some questions about uni [unsw], please helpp :)

    Hi, just coming out of HSC and knowing the system relatively well can someone explain to me how uni works? a) MATH1131 Mathematics 1A (6 UOC) vs MATH1141 Higher Mathematics 1A (6 UOC) b) PHYS1121 Physics 1A (6 UOC) vs PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A (6 UOC) Some questions...
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    What happened???

    Hmm, if you're confident in those raw marks there's definitely something wrong. For mx1, I calculated about a 50 raw mark, out of 70 and ended up with a 93. For mx2, I calculated about a 50 raw mark aswell out of 100 and ended up with 85. Is it possible you forgot something and made lots of sillies?
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    Distinguished Achievers List (with sortable/searchable excel file)

    Hey Rafy, just wondering is there going to be one for 2013? Thnx for this btw :)
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    ATAR estimate please :( (genuinely worried)

    yeah, it's possible atars vary from year to year to calculators are only an accurate guess
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    Final Atar estimate

    +1, definitely over 80 tho
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    ATAR Estimate please!!

    bump, curious for more input
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    Does getting the minimum ATAR cut-off guarantee you enrollment?

    If the course requires 80 atar (ie the cutoff) and you achieve 80 atar you'll definitely get in. Not sure what your question is.
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    Atar Estimate

    Hi, based on your estimates/ranks I'd say 96+ definitely. Just a comment: a school in the 400s doesn't typically get band sixes and when they do it's typically only the person coming first. In business you're anticipating to get a 94-99% which is very close if not a state rank, you may have...
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    A Guide to University for First Years

    Re: A First Year's Guide to University hey, to what extent does cramming work in uni? and is "homework" set out in uni, like the questions you're supposed to do from the textbook?
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    Binomial Theorem

    You cannot do it using that terms method because you're multiplying two brackets together. I've attached my solution in the link below:
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    Pete1555 - Atar Estimate (3)

    I'm sure you'll ask for one after you get your results :3 IMO, you'll be looking at 85-89
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    HSC physics gen question

    typically your school chooses
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    Calculating g with pendulum

    it's recommended 5-10 degrees to keep the pendulum undergoing simple harmonic motion, so in order for the experiment to be valid do it at small angles.
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    Equal 1st

    Is there any way to check this online?