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    RFTG: the bone people by keri hume

    It is ok, feel free to read and leech some through a straw...Everyone leeches from everyone else. It is tailored to an essay question though, so it is not like you would be able to "steal" it completely. I just put it up there because I found reading the good scripts out of the standards package...
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    RFTG: the bone people by keri hume

    To all those down-trodden retreat from the global students of 2004, here is my attempt to explain the relevance and effectiveness of "The Bone People" in representing the paradigm of 'retreat from the global'. It is an essay fragment from a practice essay I completed two days before the...
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    What didn't count?

    1 Unit of Ancient History...a 94/100. Once again, ancient was my favourite subject and the one I put the most work into but I knew the scaling wasn't too hot.
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    English Extension 2

    I was slightly shocked with 49, considering i started it in the holidays between term 2 and term 3 and bascially did a two month crash course!
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    what is the top mark for each subject

    Music One was 99 .... I got 98, bugger ! :P ....I got 99 and it turned out to be equal 2nd, bugger that too I say!
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    Golden Oldies of '03

    I got 96 for modern history, which I found amusing, as I turned up to about half of the lessons for that course! Good ridance to the Cold War!
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    2003 UAIs

    A very suprising 99.80!!! I never in my wildest considered a rank like that!
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    2003 HSC Marks

    A little shocked really. ancient 94/100 english advanced 93/100 english extension 1 49/50 english extension 2 49/50 modern history 96/100 history extension 50/50 music 1 99/100
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    question about first in subject and all-rounders

    so does anyone know any of the prodigy-children who were meant to be called yesterday?
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    question about first in subject and all-rounders

    So today people will find out eh? How did you procure such information. People better inform us all if they receive any good news!
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    how many pages?

    what school do you go to huck fenn?
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    retreat from the global ppl - what da u reckon?????????

    Did you guys all put a lot of emphasis on techniques? The 'how does the resistance make itself heard' part of the question demanded this I think.
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    What did you think?

    Who exactly are you Leon?
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    how many pages?

    I did 21 pages for the retreat essay question - 1 hour 15 min 14 pages for the article in the remaining time
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    What Do You Think You''ll Get?

    I'd love something around 94, like my trial, but there is a very small likelihood of that.
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    how may pages?

    I filled the WW1 question sheets, plus an extra three writing booklet pages for each question. 12 pages for Russia 11 for Trotsky 10.5 for Cold War
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    Easy !

    Yeah I agree. What exactly do you have to do to get the luxury of typing your exam? No wonder the guy who got first in the state modern ww1 question typed his essays.
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    I'm Ready

    WW1 should be alright I guess - your knoweldge only really counts for about 5 marks out of 30 anyway. Russia should be ok, as long as they don't give us a question on the changing nature and application of communist ideology 1917 to 1945. I mean there would be heaps to write, but it would be...
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    Coldwar Essay

    yeah I think you could be right. It will be on detente and the reasons for its demise. So how is everyone's cold war study going?
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    Lets try that again. I wrote 11.5 for In the Wild, 12 for Wild Swans, and 9.5 for Powerplay