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    S&S part (d)(ii)

    Um I added in why... like greater electrode potential when in acidic environment using two dif eqns which i couldn't be bothered to write here right now.
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    How Easy Was It

    A lot of people were calling the phys and chem tests easy... Um does anyone here actually think they got 100? Well if you didn't then I wouldn't go on carrying on how 'easy' the test was. Unless you got it alright however, congratulations, but I'm sick of people who say the test was easy and...
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    MC Answers

    Ok hmm Observer on earth sees spaceship zoom past. For the observer on earth, time for the people in the spaceship is going slower. By slower, I mean they may have aged 1 year, whereas people on earth have aged 10years. So therefore for every year that passes on earth, only .1 years pass on...
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    Attention All Astrophysicists (requiem)

    How do u calculate radius?
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    Attention All Astrophysicists (requiem)

    Hey what about the 4 mark mass question, what did you all say?
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    Projectile motion

    Does anyone here actually know for sure if we are allowed to use calculus in solving projectile motion? Because I'm sure a lot of people do 3/4 unit maths and would have encountered projectile motion in those subjects, and it's done differently. I think the calculus approach makes more sense and...
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    Who gives a shit?

    Yeah good someone else did something different for the creative task. I had a prepared my own creative task prior called my paradise lost which was a lament for childhood innocence, and I said it was analogous to his paradise lost.
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    I might be wrong then, I'm just regurgitating what I've been told. Besides a mark of 82/84 I think wouldn't be sufficient for that test, I think you'd need full marks, it was a pretty simple paper i thought.
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    I don't think it does for english, I think the courses are so distinctly different that the same theory is not put in practise...
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    Theory goes that if you do ext.2 maths u have an advantage over those who do only ext.1 maths. Fair enough to an extent, but that's like arguing if you study more you have an advantage and therefore should be ranked separately.
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    In reply to 69/84 I think it's 92-94, not exactly sure...
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    You can't top the state in ext. 1 if u do ext 2 maths...
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    Well I was gearing up for a very good mark, practise papers was getting around 110 and yeah I just had higher expectations but i just made a lot of stupid mistakes. 3 unit went a lot better, though i didn't get the double integration question out :( Which is really my fault because apparently...
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    Vote UR estimated exam mark!!! howditgo?

    I doubt very much that 80% raw will be aligned to 50/50. I was an accelerated for 3 unit maths student last year and i reckon i got about 75/84 which is around 90%, and my aligned mark for the HSC exam was 49... but my internal assessment was 47 so i got 48 and I redid it this year and I reckon...
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    estimated mark for ext 2 people for extension 1 paper

    For 3 unit my est. mark is 82/84 but for 4 unit i'm looking at 97 i think which I'm very disappointed with. Though I think as an aligned mark that will be around 98, since last year 75 was 95 I've heard.