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    Note that the following equations have symmetrical coefficients. Solve these equations (hint: divide by x^2 and reduce to a quadratic). 3x^4 - x^3 + 4x^2 - x + 3 = Thanks for helping
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    Who is the hottest Archaeologist for 06??

    Please don't make me choose!!!
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    Open High teachers are bad!

    gosh! your so mean!
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    How much do you write?

    How much do you write? define how much.
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    To All You Latin People:

    Latin is for the weak, the strong does PIG latin!
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    i know how you feel kisoh!
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    ahh jap extension! >.<

    i know what you mean, ahh jap extension! >.<, too easy.
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    GREEK, ARABIC, VIETNAMESE or ITALIAN! omg i'm doing it all.
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    Essay Questions

    yes i do, gosh, where do i start?
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    french vs italian? im afraid i can't answer that question, but i can give you some advice: Listen to your heart When hes calling for you. Listen to your heart Theres nothing else you can do. I dont know where youre going And I dont know why, But listen to your heart Before you tell him...
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    french extension oral

    should you be freaking out?, professionally speaking, hell yeah! je suis desole
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    French begginners!! Final Exam tomorrow!!!

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    omg.. i dont know how to factorise lol

    if you don't know how to factorise by now, then maybe you shouldn't be doing Maths at all.
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    How Early Did You Finish

    How early did i finish? well lets just say that i was done before the cows came home.
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    R There Any Chinese PPL Here

    I am full chinese, however i am also African ethically, arent we all?
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    Section 1 - Law & Society

    for MC 14, natural justice means fair and just legal proceedings, but legal aid does not provide fairness since the wealthy can hire powerful lawyers while legal aid applicants recieve a crapper lawyer?
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    17 is actually a) bro not D a decrease in labour costs means lower costs of production meaning producers can produce more, thus increasing supply.
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    got a big problem

    i wrote 2 booklets for one of the essay and i reckon i tied one from the other essay, would the markers go through the trouble of finding the missing section?
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    got a big problem

    i have a feeling i wrote the wrong question number on one of the economics essay..... what do i do? should i talk to my principal about it ? is there some kinda form u can fill out to notify the board of studies?
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    What do you think you're going to get in SC?

    lol u don't get 50% internally do u? wateva raw mark u get on the day is the mark u see on ur certificate. i doubt it gets scaled.