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    hey is anyone doing engineering in syd here? or engineering combined with commerce? what streams are you guys doing????? i m doing e commerce/ commerce
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    o week

    hey is o week important? can i not go? and about all these falculty welcomes, are they important??? please reply fast!
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    about hoytes ticket books

    well for them 12 is a child, then that means they treat u are matuer kids, isn't that nice except they don't give u the right to go to pub or vote or anything, so therefore it's just a rip off.
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    about hoytes ticket books

    . this sux, i give up... because i want to make redemption for the points earned on the credit card. now idon't know what to do...... why can't i be younger.....
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    educational accees scheme

    on the open day i got told taht for sydney uni engineering courses, usually can get in within 5 places, because not alot of EAS ppl apply for it.
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    about hoytes ticket books

    apparently i am a student who is turning 18 soon, just assume that i am 18, and i am a student, so for the ticket book am i suppose to buy the adult ticket book or the child ticket book??? there is only two types so...
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    vacancies..would it happen?

    some engineering has vacancies, here is the file have a look
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    e-commerce anyone? i am desperate

    wow cool that means u are applying for that as well if we both get accepted, let's be friends!
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    Uni offers

    no idea but u can find out i mean pretty much everyone who gets a uai like that gets a scholarship.
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    e-commerce anyone? i am desperate

    lappang that's what i want to do if they offer me a place on the 17th and let me choose e commerce as my engineering specialty. i mean the work load is same as engineering, still 24 hours a week, just for one more year..
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    studying on the day of the HSC Exam

    i studied 1 and half hour before sdd...and i sucked...i knew i sucked...only one unit counted towards uai..coz itwas the suckiest subject.
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    How many hours did u study in year 12 holidays?

    what holiday? the 3 weeks right before the exams? i studied a total of 22 hours in that 3 weeks. 4 hours per a subject....
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    combine degree

    how many hours of lectures each week? for commerce/engineering
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    e-commerce anyone? i am desperate

    please, does anyone know about e commerce or gnna do e commerce or have friends do e commerce? would the uai drop? i hope it doesn't. would it have a good career prospective?
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    change pref.

    errrrrr i am confused i am saying, before the 3rd of jan, my preferences are set, so in the main round offer, i got my 4th offer on the 17th. but then i decided i want to do my 6th pref instead, so i move my 6th pref to third, and shift everything down by one. then would i be considered for...
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    change pref.

    hey help me.. if i got offered for my 4th preference in the main round, but i decided to put my 5th preference as my 3rd preference, would i still be considered for hat application in the second round?
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    UAC preferences

    ....... i change it everyday since i got my uai.. can't make up my mind. god help.
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    Commerce at Syd & Business at UTS cut offs

    yeah i think commerce is gonna go up...the sydney one. but engineering in sydney is gonna come down
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    i am so screwed

    true true but look at software engineering in sydney uni, dropped 7 ranks in one year! in creadible.... just want that to happen to my course, which is possible.
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    help! SOS!

    i am interested in telecommunications engineering and commerce/business thingies.... just wondering, between UTS, Sydney, and UNSW, which uni is better for these course? does anyone know? deperately needed. also can someone tell me the employment condition of business comparing to commerce...