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    Selling Band 6 History Extension Notes (New Syllabus) Section 1, Section 2 (Case Study: Witch Hunts and Witch Trials in New England), and Major Work.

    Hi everyone! I graduated last year with a mark of 46/50 in the HSC exam. I also received 100% in my major work, which focused on the Kashmiri conflict, and 48/50 in my trials. I'm selling each part (Section 1 Notes, Section 2 Notes (Witch Hunts and Witch Trials), and My Major) for $45 each...
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    Selling Band 6 Ancient History Notes NEW SYLLABUS! (Pompeii and Herculaneum, NKE To The Death of Amenhotep III, Pericles, Greek World 500-440 BC)

    Hi everyone! As trials and HSC are creeping up, I'm selling my notes that I made during my HSC year (last year). These notes are very detailed yet structured. These notes cover historiography, unique sources. These notes also got me 96% in the trial examination, and 94 overall for my HSC mark...
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    transferring law schools

    yeah i rlly do want to study law, and law isn't just something i want to do because i'm unsure about it Thanks for that! I'm gonna take the MQ offer
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    transferring law schools

    hi everyone, i got into MQ com/law and really want to get into USYD com/law next year, I had a friend tell me to do a super easy degree this year to ensure my WAM is high enough so that i can transfer into USYD com/law for 2022 instead of doing com/law at MQ uni which is still a hard degree...
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    Bridging Course for Mathematics at USYD (Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for mathematics)

    tank u!! thats literally the only thing im worried about lel
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    Bridging Course for Mathematics at USYD (Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for mathematics)

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted a thread on here before so if it's in the wrong place please tell me so that I can repost it in the correct spot. Just wanted to know if anyone has done the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for mathematics at USYD as I plan on doing it since my course (B Econ)...
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    Hi!!! i dont usually reply on here but i can sympathise with you because it took me forever to remember the dates If you're stuck last min DONT try and memorise the dates, just mention the legislation/case without the date, I did that once for an assessment and my teacher said they wouldn't...
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    Yeah so why would they ask that again if they already asked that in 2015... I dont think itll be on international crime
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    but like what would they even ask for international crime? the only one that seems possible to ask would be the effectiveness of domestic and international measures which was asked 5 years ago
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    i didn't finish either :( i did intro with 2 full body paragraphs and halfway through my third spent too much time on the first section
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    Legal studies crime essay predictions 2020?

    What would you guys write about for young offenders/international crime? I literally know everything inside out except those two chapters