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    Tutoring Biology for those who want to get a head start over the holidays 11or12

    I am tutoring Biology for any year 11 or 12 student from now on. This is particularly for anyone wishing to get a head start on the course throughout the summer holidays as I am fully available. So if you are finding that you are already having trouble with the course after year 11 (or think...
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    ArtExpress Nominations, anyone been notified yet?

    usually if u get shortlisted they dont get sent back with the others (i think)
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    Underline or quotation marks when referencing artworks in essays??

    Thanx... I just wanted to kno considering art is so subjective i dont wanna do nething to piss the markers off :P
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    Underline or quotation marks when referencing artworks in essays??

    Hey do u underline or put in inverted commas the titles of artworks in ur essays?
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    Does ne1 else use text books in art?

    Hey just wondering what text books different schools use for art (if any)- I'm looking for additional resources
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    Question regarding Case Studies

    It might be better to do ur own artists coz if ur school is marked together and ur essay is original it'll stand out :)
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    ArtExpress Nominations, anyone been notified yet?

    If u get marked internally ur principle will be notified (coz those works have to be sent off) but if u get marked externally u only find out later i think by letter And dw about ur mark coz u can still get above 48 and not get preselected 4 art express... like we had a bos inspection this yr...
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    Visual Art Students! Who did you pick 4 your essay artists?

    Nah u can do as many as the q asks 4... some questions only require 1 and my teacher is an hsc marker said that for the year 11s if they answered a question that specified 1 artist and gave more than 1 she only marked one of them... so i dunno if they do that in the hsc but i would def do what...
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    Success without tutoring for MX2?

    I dont have a tutor and am doing alright... but that's partly due to my generally crappy maths ability... The person whose topping 4u at my school this yr doesnt have a tutor and the person who topped last yr didnt either and came out of the hsc with 94% around there... we tend to have crappy...
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    doing all 3 sciences would it help?

    I did bio and chem in yr 11 and it was really good... u get practice writing up pracs and there's some overlap (altho they try to minimise it) i can't remember with what tho... possibly the water topic :S But yh the only reason I dropped chem was coz i had 12 units and wanted to pick up 4u maths...
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    I have a question for all those bio ppl out there who get pissed off when textbooks/sheets/etc. have contradicting info kk gone through a bunch of different sources: one text book says ADH acts on the collecting duct, an hsc question in 2002 has ADH acting on the distil tubule and collecting...
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    Did you use 1 or 2 related texts for Mdoule C?

    I dunno about every1 else but i was like celebrating when it said "at least" one coz it meant i could do less paragraphs... I have serious timing issues with attempting to squeeze my essays into 40 mins
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    Do u reckon its worth it learning all the poems or episodes of a prescribed text?

    I spoke to the advice line, they said its very likely that it will ask for a specific text in module B coz the questions are all allocated to one specific prescribed text, but with module C its less likely coz u also have ur related texts so yh :o
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    Can you finish an exam in the time allocated?

    There is no way i could ever finish the ex2 paper on time :@:@ it's such a waste of time doing prac papers coz unlike the 2unit paper where u have a change of finishing it in the time limit, i do the 4u paper for 3 hours and then spend another 2 hours trying to decipher the answers :mad: I...
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    Do u reckon its worth it learning all the poems or episodes of a prescribed text?

    Wow that sucks... u know what i might call the advice line tomoz (see if they disclose ne info hehe:):))
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    Was Text 3, Section 1 a Dog or Human??

    Re: The Poem Was About A Dog? I didnt think it was a dog (my friend did tho)... but seriously its long as u can bullshit it it's true :) What if the dog was selby? Selby might in the future want to return to the town where he grew up :P
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    Do u reckon its worth it learning all the poems or episodes of a prescribed text?

    Yh there was a specific poem mentioned but it was from a different poet... i dunno i really dont feel like learning all of them :@:@ Why would they want to torture us more?!?!?!
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    Do u reckon its worth it learning all the poems or episodes of a prescribed text?

    Does ne1 think its worth it preparing all episodes or poems of a prescribed text for the modules paper? I'm doing Harwood and Frontline and its such a bitch to remember points for everything just in case the question asks u to refer to a specific poem/episode. Do u think it's worth it???
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    Do you use prepared English essays?

    I dont use prepared essays, I just have heaps and heaps of quotes with analysis and sometimes pretty words which i like and then i choose from there... Sometimes I wonder if whether i should use a prepared essay coz like every1 else i know does and they all do fine +++ i almost always nearly run...
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    Least Favourite Text for section one.

    Omg the poem sucked! I started writing a response and then was like screw that and never got enough time to come back and finish it... I heard sum1 say they think it might've been from the perspective of a dog :S coz of all the scent descriptions and the nose being in wet etc. :S:S