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    fren1011...anybody else?
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    International Studies

    good question i guess your unsw one, if its active, thought i sent it from my personal one, cos it was beofre i was issued a unipass
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    what does this mean?

    ive got the same thing soph, no clashes, but the while even weeks cant make sense, right? i mean theres only the one timetable
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    enrollment help

    myunsw didnt mention anything about selecting your tutes, i thought they were allocated 1st lecture?
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    After Enrolment. What Do you do??

    there is a couple of things you have to do number 1 get your full unipass, the one you used to access admin services is just a temp, you need to go to the disconnect office (back of library) or e-spot (red building) and get your full uni pass which comes on a slip of paper that looks like a...
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    Personality test-Career choices

    im an (like quite a few others here) intj while the description is quite acurate, i would hardly classify myself amoung 'the scientists' i mean i havent done maths and science since junior school, im passionate about languages and writing and art... How can this be?
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    international studies

    im doing int studies global, linguistics, french, and hist1010 as my elective. I went to the advisory day too, but i totally missed the lecture, coz i came way late (i dropped my cousin at the import earlier) hope it wasnt too important. I noticed the girl to guy ratio as well, very...
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    International Studies

    hey see you there s2ophie!
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    B International Studies job prospects?

    my sentiments exactly s2ophie what stream did you want to do?
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    B International Studies job prospects?

    hey truly, I'll be doing Int studies at NSW next year, but i want to do the globalisation stream c u there?
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    how did all the 2003ers go?

    i wrote a script...a nd was heaps surprised 49 external 50 internal 50 HSC Congrats ee2 2003 we all did so well!
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    you might want to try the nsw writers centre you can put an add in their newsletter i attended a number of their courses, throughout the year, for all my english subjects which was invaluable dont have their details with me but if you do a search on you will find...
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    'The Devil Wears Prada' by Louise Weinberger

    Anyone else read it?
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    Extension Subjects = High UAI by osmosis?

    i cant believe you guys had to fight for your class, there were only two of us in my extension class, and before i joined up, it was going to run with just one student! on the down side however, we did have 1 less period then normal
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    Post-HSC reading group. Anyone interested?

    great idea, i also have in my collection like half of the books you guys have mentioned, when we all decide on the time and book (i dont mind) would someone pm me? may i suggest that we start with ms 12, she recommends a book, we do the read and discuss thing, then ms 12 asks somone else to...
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    International studies - combine?

    i think you can do int and commerce, it says somthing like that in the uac guide, u should check it out
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    EE1 Thoughts...

    art exam was way harder, no surprises for eng ext a fair exam
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    Im Finished

    me 2!!!!!
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    postmodernism creative

    i wrote a fake newspaper report, sending up the idea of 'death of the author' for my oppening, it was called 'noted literary theorist involved in bloody scandal' and then i went on to explain, why i used that as my oppening, why death of the author was such a postmodern concept and continued...