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    oh quiz fark!

    It's worth alot less than 15% if I remember right. But that doesn't mean you don't have to worry about it. :P
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    dividing lines according to ratio question - kinda simple but i'm not getting it.

    1) Draw yourself a diagram and label all 3 points. 2) Select two sides of the triangle and find the midpoint of each. 3) Note that a median is a line joining the vertex of a triangle with the side directly opposite the vertex. Now find the equation of the line that passes through the midpoint...
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    The UNSW bus queue at Eddy Ave

    The lines seem to have died down this week.
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    Graphs - how much detail?

    Usually the question will specify how much detail. If not, refer to the number of marks allocated. If it's like 1 mark, then the basic features should be sufficient (e.g asymptotes, intercepts). More marks usually indicates more details needed (e.g turning points and points of inflexion). In...
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    derivative question

    The information given is enough to derive 4 formulae which you solve simultaneouly for a, b, c and d. 1) Since curve passes through (0,5), substitute x=0 and y=5 to find an equation involving a, b, c and d. 2) y'=3ax2+2bx+c Now there is a turning at (0,5), so when x=0, y'=0. Substitute these...
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    simple interest?

    In the topic of series and sequences, simple interest isn't really related, but is covered in the financial mathematics section of the course. It's examinable.
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    integration question

    I'd say extension 1, nothing too out of reach for 3u.
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    4u Mathematics Marathon v2.0

    Could you clarify what you mean by this? :p
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    Topic1: Globalisation

    This is arguable, and for that fact, is best if you provide both sides of the argument in your answer. TNCs may misuse the dominance such as through higher prices in their exports. However, they may be more efficient than other smaller businesses or firms and produce better quality...
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    The UNSW bus queue at Eddy Ave

    You would expect a considerably shorter line (or no line at all) if you're catching the buses (which don't stop at central) from the second bus stop opposite UNSW. Otherwise... line up and be patient.
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    Just curious, but are there any buses that pass near campus and go all the way up to town hall or wynyard?
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    Heroes (Aus Airings)

    I like how a few of the characters are already interlinked. SPOILERS below. The fire with the invincible girl walking through the fire and the artist painting it, then others watching the news about it on tv. And then that taxi driver and the two brothers that can float. Also the jap guy...
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    are these the right classes for 1st yr finance???

    First years can pick FIN1612 as their elective (1st sem).
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    Physics or Chemistry?

    Thread granted. ;)
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    You *know* you're a physics nerd when...

    you think about friction and the laws of momentum while pushing a shopping trolley.
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    SNES favourites

    Favourites were Super Mario World and A link to the past (big fan of zelda games).
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    They're near the front entrance, I think there's about 3 of them.
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    Column adsorption chromatography...

    That's correct, just remember that chemistry is FON. :)
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    Couple Binomial Probability Questions

    I'll try the first one: p(wet)=18/30 p(dry)=12/30 a) p(2 wet then 2 fine) = (18/30)2.(12/30)2 b) p(3 or more rainy days) = p(3 wet) + p(4 wet) + p(5 wet) =(18/30)3.(12/30)2.5C3 + (18/30)4.(12/30).4C1 + (18/30)5
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    class enrollments will be open today! omg!

    I thought going to bed earlier was the more viable option. :p edit: hey, it's just for the one off things like these, I personally don't stay up late, body can't handle it. =\