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    Hi, I actually didn't really like the exam that much. I wasn't expecting questions like that but I knew that 1c (the judgement question) was going to be worth alot of marks - either you make it or break it. When I first looked at the essay questions, I was like shit!! Nothing seemed to...
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    About the essay question on IndoChina

    Hey all, Yeah about the questions on InodoChina. I did the one about tactics & strategies, I talked about the VC, America & Sth Viet. Lots to talk about ......... I did 8 pages of small writing on the question. It wasn't as bad as I expected, See you round, katz
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    Hey about Modern History

    Hey all, Okay well I though it was alright... I think I missed the point with the ladies and the car in the sources section or otherwise I got the wrong idea . Grrr I did the Question about Hollywood & and imp of the entertainment inudstry in Am culture Our case study person was J...
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    About the exam ...

    Hey all, I though I would add my comment about the exam we had today... Standard Paper Modules I though it was quite , well not difficult. I did Image and The Truman Show, that had a lot to write about and you could go into all the themes and how he is a victim etc etc. Briar Rose...
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    Wow, really?

    Wow, No kidding? Yeah I found that to be a really good extra text. And it was quite interesting to read. There's always something new you learn each day. Cheers, K
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    Changing Perspective stimulus material

    About Cosi for Changing Perspective Hey, Kewl I am doing Cosi for Chaning Perpective too. If you want I could help. Pass on your email to me and I will give you some help. Is that what you want? Bye :teacher:
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    Senior Science - sad course

    About what you said about Senior Science :eek: Hi, Okay some of the things you said about the Senior Science course are true, about the scaling I mean not everthing else. I do Senior Science and really enjoy it. It has all the other sciences like Physics etc combined in it. It shows...
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    About English for Image

    :) Okay well this might help: For extra texts for Image, this is just one from my logbook. A newspaper article 1/1/2000 in The Good Weekend section of the paper. by Marilyn Lake. Titled Women 2000 & Beyond Milenium No 4. Note, I got this through the Sydney Morning Herald search...