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    Unfair HSC Exam Schedules?

    Just in case someone finds this interesting, my subject groupings were: First day: English Adv, Japanese Cont Second day: English Adv Middle somewhere: Ext One English Second last day: Chemistry Last day: Economics, Visual Arts I feel like, while the difficulty of an exam contributes to...
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    Unfair HSC Exam Schedules?

    I'm kinda annoyed that there is no accounting for differences in exam schedules, but I can't find any research online about the effects of varied exam schedules on results. I'm in a position where I have 3 exams in 2 days at both the start and end of the exam block. There are definitely people...
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    People who didn't get the required ATAR for your course: what are you doing now?

    Did you apply to any early entry programs for similar courses at other institutions? I know someone who did a commerce diploma that allowed them to transfer into the second year of a bachelor of commerce at the same school, no ATAR required, just grades.
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    For english is it usually marks + 1 quotes?

    I usually do marks - 1, more if I have time
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    Are these grades good enough for ANU PPE early entry?

    Are these year 11 grades good enough to get an offer to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at ANU through early entry? subject: sem 1 | sem 2 English Advanced: 95 | 85 English Extension 1: 86 | 92 Chemistry: 83 | 70 Economics: 90 | 91 Japanese Continuers: 94 | 92 Maths Advanced: 86 | 75...
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    early entry...

    The statement character limit is really short so just get straight into talking about what you've learnt from your commitments, challenges you've faced, how you overcame them, skills you've gained, etc. Make sure you link everything to an example of something you've done. Here's something to get...