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  1. bhsrepresent

    Western Sydney Essay Writing Tutor | 99.25 | All Rounders | USyd Law |

    I finished my HSC in 2013 with an ATAR of 99.25. Unlike many of my peers at USyd Law, who did the "Asian Five", I didn't do any maths or science. I scored All-Rounders and achieved my ATAR with entirely humanities (essay-focused) subjects. Ever since, I've been teaching people how to ace the...
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    99.25 - stoked!!
  3. bhsrepresent

    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    Advanced Eng - 96 Ext 1 - 45/50 Ext 2 - 45/50 Modern - 95 Business - 94 Eco - 93 P.E - 91 (won't count) Glad to have attained all rounders. Still dont think HSC/ ATAR accurately measure intelligence :P Looking at a low to mid 98. Not too fussed tbh, since all I needed was 95 for Merit and...
  4. bhsrepresent

    Do you support a winner takes all society?

    you guys should speak for yourselves. offer some value to the conversation or take your elitist crap elsewhere
  5. bhsrepresent

    Should i get an EYEBROW PIERCING?

    If you want an eyebrow ring, get an eyebrow ring. If you don't want an eyebrow ring, don't get an eyebrow ring.
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    Do you support a winner takes all society?

    Let me put it this way - in real material terms - who benefited most when the microwave was invented? When, like the microwave, capitalism produces an item that reduces the labor required to perform basic tasks at home? A computer is pretty much a given in every household - so are mobile...
  7. bhsrepresent

    Do you support a winner takes all society?

    You clearly have no basic conception of economics if you don't understand the fundamental benefits of free trade, or capitalism (oh yes I said that dirty word!). Not to be confused with corporatism where the government gives big business a hand and CHOOSES winners [pretty much the current global...
  8. bhsrepresent

    Do you support a winner takes all society?

    Economic freedom is not a zero sum game or "winner takes all" at all. Both parties benefit from voluntary trade; if the rich use their riches to create high quality, low-cost consumer goods, the poor benefit tremendously in material terms even if broader inequality is on the rise.
  9. bhsrepresent

    Joseph Stiglitz on the Australian Economy

    how the hell are a few internet neckbeards representative of austrian economics? name one austrian, with an established reputation, who spits around conspiracies. pls. In the meantime, pls tell me how Keynesianism, monetarism or whatever other physics-envy empiricist version of economics you...
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    Should Indigenous Australians assimilate into mainstream society?

    Aboriginal Australia has one entity to blame for the array of social and economic problems it faces - the retarded government (or more minutely, the retarded politicians who think themselves do-gooders). Or maybe more specifically, the dodo lefties that thought throwing money at people was a...
  11. bhsrepresent

    What is your favourite political ideology?

    To coin socialism and freedom into the same soundbite is a complete oxymoron. To centrally plan, control or distribute is by definition, a violation of natural rights and thus the antithesis of freedom (unless you're talking about that destructive kind of positive-rights nonsense, oh wait, you are!)
  12. bhsrepresent

    What is your favourite political ideology?

    Yes nobody is above the rule of law Sathius, unless you're the state that has the monopoly on violence, theft and culture.
  13. bhsrepresent

    Section II

    Not bad. Already had somewhat of a dual narrative so it was pretty sweet.
  14. bhsrepresent

    Section I

    I interpreted character not only as literal (archetype) but also philosophical (virtue) - i.e. characters are a means to tell us about character (in relation to responsibility)... Basically said that that construction of character is the fundamental link between the philosophy, metaphysics and...
  15. bhsrepresent

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    After this test I realise that I overcomplicate things way too much when I study... BOS are stupid as fuq by the looks of it (Strong no finance to weed out those who don't know they're shit...)
  16. bhsrepresent

    Section IV - Extended Response

    inb4 25/20 - I fooqin raped this section
  17. bhsrepresent

    Raw mark predictions

    17/20 40/40 18-19/20 20/20 95-96
  18. bhsrepresent

    Cost centres?

    ^^ I though a cost centre is a department within the business established specifically to administer costs and determine strategies to reduce them within each specific function, no?
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    As a politician is it better to be?

    the modern politician isn't idealistic enough. the modern politician is too prepared to compromise his niche ideology for short term electoral gain, NOT visionary enough.. This is good in the short term but imo you need to be staunch in your ideals if you want long term political success (take...