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    Extension history major work essay

    yada, I had typed this up about a month ago, but i remember being disconnected before it got through and saved it on my computer. Only now, after cleaning up useless stuff i save around I found it and thought i should post it up straight away. so sorry for it being really late. but its...
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    timetables are up!!

    i feel that doing a language would be extremely hard... see i have a background in arabic yet i dont know anything that is why i am in the introductory stream...and the lectuere i hear is a militant and shes really scary and barks at people- that is why the drop out rate is high! i feel ill...
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    How was everyone's o-week?

    I know how you feel timmi! im feeling the same..... but i think if eveyone is feeling like this then it makes it easier- its probably just a who asks first basis... i met two of the chaser guys at a rally i went to in november!! they were fantastic!! i joined the unsoc, journalism...
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    timetables are up!!

    here is my timetable... I have two variations by taking monday off as well and the language lectures will be on tuesday and thursday afternoons from 5-7. still contemplating because i might not even want to continue with it!!!! bloody desicions!!
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    timetables are up!!

    yeah it was boring! the tour was soo tiring! im doing Eco and Social Scienes. I changed from BA so i could major in Govt. Fi- its sounds so complicated hehe. Blackjack- we all started to develop this syndrome from a couple of days before HSC results.... lol
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    timetables are up!!

    I dont understand what they are going on about in there... I get fridays off!! long weekend every week- how fantastic! :D :D my monday is too squashed though... how do we go about chaning tutorials? Hey timmi did you go to the welcom today?? How did you find it... Did you catch the...
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    timetables are up!!

    if you didnt already know! ;) :)
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    vote john brogden!

    Soul, serious all my posts serious?? :eek: not all! just a few....I think my post history doesn't reflect a trend of all serioussness all the time....perhaps only the one for the Student Strike March and this one was.. Bambul- I was advising you, not telling you who to vote for. It wasn't...
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    vote john brogden!

    dont waste your voting right on something petty peoples can you please not waste your voting rights on candidates who went to the university you are going too! lol may be be funny but not a wise move- not at all. think of what issues are most important to you at the moment and look for the...
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    michael moore

    love michael moore saw several episodes of the awful truth read stupid white men and saw Bowling for Columbine ---nominated for those stupid things called oscars- yeah them. Best Documentary category.... great man of conscience.
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    PIP award ceremony...

    You werent nervous SaveFerris!! infact i was nervous- i dont know why, i have done soo much public speaking before! i was given my award last- thats probably why i was wavering in my voice delievery hehehe but it was a good night! hey let me know when the dude sends you the...
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    PIP award ceremony...

    to my understanding there was 14 that were awarded High Distincitions. The Distinctions don't get a prize though and their papers arnt placed in the State library i dont think.... The girl that got top for S&C also got a PIP prize- the Asian Studies prize! they all sounded interesing--...
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    PIP award ceremony...

    hi...perhaps its a bit too late to ask, but who will be attending the PIP award cermony tonight??????? how many awards are being given? how many people are supposed to be attending?? thanks and see y ou there!
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    anime ^_^

    sukiyaki hi, this is freedom, li0n's sister- (he'll be in year 11 in 2003) im sorry im going to apologise on his behalf...he lost his manners! lol i told him to read this thread because i always see him wathcing those anime whatever things.... don't worry he's just a bit agro at...
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    the UN SC comes to the Ancient History paper....

    you welcome nomza! my fave is always acknowledge your sources and be the better person! my year know them well and have put them into practice!! :p all though not all as they continued memorising essays which was not good! :mad: :p
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    I felt Clueless...

    yep fully agree the sentence structure was very weird- we were lucky we were told from the begining that it was all about context and the societies values within these contexts. our advanced classes at our school went fully cluless when we printed shirts with our fave clueless quote on...
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    What ppl wrote for creative writing?

    dialogue in letter- is it appriopriate to add dialogue in a letter?????/
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    The Dreaded Feature Article

    i added a heading we, and yous an email address and a * we'd like to thank the authors of the peices for allowing the copyright to print their works
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    Case study

    i was like you for a whole month and a bit- perhaps more. my ext class was neither on a modern slant or ancient. so we all had different options. they were really fab too. if your worried about your choice being too close to the syllabus- email the HTA like I did. I did it on...
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    Exam thoughts..

    Arch man- i think what they mean by 'areas of debate'------is each dot point is an option. For example each topic I assume woudl have about 5 dot points. say in the example for Elizabeth 1 there are 5 areas of debate and within these are are issues. etc. later...