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  1. zahid

    Julian Assange to be extradited

    something slightly odd about this character assange.
  2. zahid

    B Commerce/Economics or B Commerce

    I say B Economics. It's just pure good times.
  3. zahid

    Limewire or Frostwire?

    direct links through rapidshare...have to pay for a premium account though...but easily the best way to download FULL apps, dvdrip movies, albums etc.
  4. zahid

    Opportunities At Colonial First State- Client Services

    Thank you to all those that responded. I received an enormous amount of CV's so I must express my apologies to all those people that I neglected to respond to. Congrats to the 6 that got through...ill keep your names anonymous..BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
  5. zahid

    Opportunities At Colonial First State- Client Services

    Client Services @ Colonial First State are currently undergoing an extensive recruitment drive to ensure we are fully staffed for EOFY (End of Financial Year). We are looking for a range of people, they can be anyone from any age group as well people with or without industry experience who are...
  6. zahid

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Indeed which is why i failed a few last sem. :) Tutes for e.g ECON 1202 last sem used to start at 7pm also.
  7. zahid

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Where: Colonial First State What: Superannuation Fund Admin How much: 45K pakage+ super +other bullshit benefits Hours: 8.30am -5pm Mon-Friday Uni 3 days a week after 5.30pm.
  8. zahid

    How to study Maths fast?

    Wat do u mean do it fast?...the year is nearly over should have already finished your course by now and well and truly started revising...Im not sure if there is any hope left for you mate. Grab the 2unit practive paper book "the pink one"..I remeber stealing it from my library...and...
  9. zahid

    Young Liberal / Young Labor

    Re: Young Liberal / Young Labour Young Labor UNSW and local branch member in Campbelltown. Have not gone to meetings in some time.....
  10. zahid

    Whats the best place to do your p's test?

    Ingleburn is probably the most simple.
  11. zahid

    transfer from BEconomics

    Yes, however it depends on your marks.
  12. zahid

    The Da Vinci Code...THE MOVIE

    Not soo much on the grand scale as I had hoped....pretty much a let down.
  13. zahid

    Russell Peters - Touring

    I got tix...YAAY. :)
  14. zahid

    Exactly what time is the QMA Exam?

    Ok I know its on the 28th. But the QMA lecturers don't seem to put up too many announcements...or do they?? Anyone know what time it starts?
  15. zahid

    Econ 1202 Quiz This Week !!!

    Can t^2 speak english?
  16. zahid

    Econ 1202 Quiz This Week !!!

    Angus > Yeung
  17. zahid

    Econ 1202 Quiz This Week !!!

    I hope you all studied. Apprantly they can examine anything from the first 8 lectures, and there will be 2 questions from what I hear. Can anyone confirm this plz?
  18. zahid

    random faculty of commerce/economics pictures

    ^ I am in the 6- 8pm too and Casmira took a pic that day...when Caitlin took our lecture.
  19. zahid

    Anyone lost at ACCT1501?

    hey Casmira bro don't worry you are not alone. Most of the people I know that do ACCT 1501 including one 100UAI guy that I met last week are all like "wtf" after that last lecture by Claudia. Seriously though, the PASS guys are awesome (but ask them questions, no matter how stupid they sound) In...
  20. zahid

    Australian Economics & Business Studies Competitions Recruitment!

    Man that burger from that lebo shop near on central station tasted like shit.