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  1. afnya

    Big Brother 3

    yay claire the stupid ugly lesbo is gone. she contributed fuck all to the house
  2. afnya

    Simpsons Trivia!

    nah it was after because it saved the day by wedging the door shut on the space shuttle
  3. afnya

    Simpsons Trivia!

    apu has 8 kids Q: who wins the worker of the week award after homer returns from space?
  4. afnya

    Who would do it allllllllllllll again??

    fuck no id never go back to school
  5. afnya

    Anyone into Rugby? NRL or UNION?

    i watch em both but union is by far a better game having said that i grew up on league but union has begun to take over. nrl i go for tigers and super 12 i go for brumbies. george smith is the best player. and his hair rocks too:D
  6. afnya

    Driving songs

    ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D im gonna do it:D
  7. afnya

    qld hsc

    alot of my friends went to school in queensland because i live so close and they all think the system is better/easier. they dont have huge exams at the end worth 50% of their mark. their final mark is made up of somthing like 90% assesment / 10% exams. but yeh there would be alot less pressure...
  8. afnya

    start early

    but yeh start early i actually started a completely new project in term 2 of this year and yeh finished product represented that
  9. afnya

    start early

    whatd you end up getiin for dt?
  10. afnya

    THE BEST SUBJECT???? if it exists

    software and physics were my faves. design and tech is ok. the work is easy but theres a lot of it. also if ur a last minute type of person dont do it. but comin into the hsc after major project has been finished its heaps good cause its one less exam to study for cause u cant study for the exam.:D
  11. afnya


    for people to boost their uai so they can get into uni
  12. afnya

    How much to study in Hols?

    :eek:damn kid!! ur gonna get urself killed!!
  13. afnya

    james ruse

    and ur uai of 97 would make u first at my school, by about 8 uai's
  14. afnya


    or me after gettin 59.65
  15. afnya

    100 or allrounder

    my dad never finished high school and he still makes about 300 grand a year so theres still hope for me!
  16. afnya

    Reactions to UAIs!

    shit ay thats a solid improvement. i did waaaaaaaaaaay better in school certificate than i did in hsc. i got 88 in maths & science and 85 4 english. i guess i never took hsc seriously enough and my marks reflected that (59.65)
  17. afnya

    Second time round

    wouldnt u have to do the same subs because of what u did in yr 11? you have to pass the course in yr 11 to do em in year 12 dont ya?
  18. afnya

    regional schools - how did you go?

    yeh my school did shit, the highest uai wa 89
  19. afnya

    2002 UAI's

    whats a mystery mark?