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    Stressed Out??

    Stressed out about the HSC?? Ask yourself why?? You shouldn't be! It's not the end of the world! It's not a terminal illness It's just a few hours to show what you've learnt! Don't stress out! Take it at your own pace! Don't forget to take breaks! Take time for yourself! And as long...
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    Did anybody run out of time or find the test at all difficult?

    I feel a bit better now that I know Im not the ONLY person in the whole of NSW that left questions out! Those students at my school musta been lyin! :)
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    Indonesian Continuers!

    The exam is at 2pm today :rolleyes: ........I do not know if I am scared or not....I am just really happy that it's my 2nd last exam; and then Im off to Bali! :uhhuh: :) ANYONE doing this subject too???? I know there is a few of you guys out there!
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    Did anybody run out of time or find the test at all difficult?

    honestly???? I ran outa time; im pased myslef TOO much! :(
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    who's exams are all crammed in together

    He he; yours is nearly exactly the same as mine... Monday:EnglishAdv Thursday:English Adv Friday:Legal + SOR 1U Monday:Gen Maths Tuesday:Indonesian Continuers Friday:Biology! :) Yeah; then Im off to Bali for the remaining 2 weeks of the exmas!
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    What happens if we are sick?

    What you can do (my assistant principal told me) also; is if you end up showing up for the exam; but when you come out you think; I didn't perform as well as I could of because you are either; unwell, or your mind was on other can go and ask your principal or assistant principal and...
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    Lemony Snicket

    Ive read them all; and I really enjoyed the lot! :uhhuh: He definitely knows how to reach an audience and entertain them! They were funny; quirky and I'd recommend them to all! :)
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    LOSING GEMMA: Katy Gardner

    Blurb TWO GIRLS WENT TRAVELLING - IN SEARCH OF ADVENTURE. ONLY ONE CAME BACK... Esther and Gemma, friends since childhood, went to India on the backpacking holiday of a lifetime. Pretty, confident Esther was in charge - she was the well-travelled one - whilst dowdy, bookish Gemma...
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    Stimulus booklet, what are you picking?

    What about a book, the poem and a song???
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    Stimulus booklet, what are you picking?

    Oh cool thanks! Nah; I have 2 books and then; the road not taken.. :) Thanks for your help! x
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    Stimulus booklet, what are you picking?

    Can we use the poems from the stimulus booklet??? :confused: Some1 told me I couldn't and now I'm confused! Y would they be in the stimulus booklet if we couldn't use them???
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    Gym Membership

    Hmm maybe I should join 1??? :rolleyes: You sound like me :uhhuh:
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    hair removal

    Any1 had a Brazillian on here (if your game to tell)....I wanna get one; but Im going to wait till I go to Bali...Cheaper! :uhhuh: (I hope)
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    J&J Holiday Skin

    I'm so buying some of this over the w/end! :uhhuh:
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    Hair Dye

    Oooops :rolleyes:
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    Your thoughts on berets?

    Aww, y r u a bogan??? The cafe's I go to accept everyone! Im against racism or judging ppl based on where they are from or just judging ppl in general! :uhhuh: Il open a place JUST for us! :)
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    Nudie Jeans?

    Me neither! :)
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    slogans for t-shirts

    OR OR how abou thtis; I know it's not a slogan...but hey It means NEVER in sign language! :)
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    Your thoughts on berets?

    if you're looking for me; il be at the table by the window! :rolleyes: ps, and i love poetry! :)