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    Missed first two weeks

    Wow how did you that? Thats pretty resourceful but alas I have decided to drop two units to make the work load manageable but thank you so much for the offer nonetheless hey!
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    Missed first two weeks

    All other units are good but for LNGS1001 it doesn't even tell you required readings or anything, or otherwise I would have just read up on it but nonetheless I'll find that out soon enough. Also my LoL account is only newb :(.
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    Missed first two weeks

    I was told to get notes off other students. *audible sigh*
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    Missed first two weeks

    Hey I came down with gallstones just on the threshold of Uni and I missed out on O week sans the WElcome DAy and the first two weeks. Im doing a Bachelor of Arts and Im just worried about catching up. Is it going to be difficult? I have screwed around with the Blackboard site, my Psyc and...
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    Arts/ Science or Liberal Arts and Science?

    Oh thank you guys for responding and aha Amelops at least your distraction was a worthwhile cause :p. Umm do you suggest the MATH1111 route or going the bridging course route? If there is a signficant advantage in the bridging course, then money isn't a deterrent or the time involved. I'll...
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    Arts/ Science or Liberal Arts and Science?

    Hey, I am considering those courses in questions, can anyone give me a rundown of those courses or pros and cons? I havn't actually studied any sciences or maths in the HSC but I am desperate to get back into those disciplines, so I'll have to do the two unit maths bridging course but even for...
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    USYD 2-unit maths bridging course?

    Hey everyone, I too would liek to do the course, but I have been away from maths a while, having dropped it in year 11 and the course assumes Year 10 knowledge, if I study like a year 10 textbook or something and catch up on the basics, will ti be okay?
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    Thoughts on these related texts for belonging?

    In vein to this, we are analyzing Strictly Ballroom for AOS and I was wondering can I use the poetry of Peter Skyryznecki as a related? His poetry of course being another prescribed option.
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    Music at uni

    I adore music but dont have the theory required to get into the courses Id like. What should I do? Any guidance? Dont wanna go AIM...
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    Doing essays other than what you studied in school?

    What she meant is that since Barret Browning is poetry and we are not doing any other poetic text, you cannot replace it. By another institution I meant another school, I dropped out before, and in that school it was Peter Skyrznecki or whatever it is fopr belonging that was the poetry of the...
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    What's life at TAFE like?

    No clubs like the chess or glee club or anything, there's a student association but thats for shit like parking and whatever. Its not like a school environment at all, no SRC, no assemblies etc, its very austere, you come for classes and then you leave really. YOu can still make friends and what...
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    Doing essays other than what you studied in school?

    HEy peeps, can I forgo doing, in Module B I think, Gatsby and Browning in favour of Frankesntein and Blade Runner as I have a very good essay on it from when I did the subject in a different institution and its better than what I have on Gatsby and Browning? The teacher is a bit iffy, she says...
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    Contemporary Music Education

    Is there a place to study the compositional techniques of contemporary music here or abroad? What are their requirements?
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    Query about Tafe and HSC

    Okay well I dropped out of school like a few months before HSC was over, it wasn't the time but now I'd like to complete HSC and go onto University. A few questions though, I'm choosing to do it at TAFE (Bansktown btw), it's a one year thing so I'm guessing its prelims and the HSC together and...