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  1. bleachigo

    Difference between free electives and Gen ed?

    hi everyone im currently a first year commerce student and i want to know the difference between free electives units and Gen ed units. Thanks
  2. bleachigo

    Actuarial studies vs engineering

    On average how many individuals actually become qualified actuaries per year or even graduate the uni course. Does anybody know because i've hear that the course has high dropout rate
  3. bleachigo

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Lol, did people see the unsw facebook page today :lol:
  4. bleachigo

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    do they hand out free pencil cases
  5. bleachigo

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    im pretty much done after a review day for all my trials then i have a solid 40 days (or so) at home to study before the hsc. The boredom is going to suck the crap out of me :bomb:
  6. bleachigo

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    so when's school over for you guys? i mean when there is no more content
  7. bleachigo

    The Anime Thread

    back in the days i chucked a 20 hour marathon for bleach stopped only cos i had sudden blackouts in my vision
  8. bleachigo

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    My entire cohort is filled with a bunch of flops...#savemyhsc
  9. bleachigo

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    thx m8 , nah not as inspirational as my post trial quote: "People tell me that that the trials are a once in lifetime experience, i tell them that EVERYDAY IS A TRIAL" -bleachigo
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    Dota 2

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    About Art Restrictions

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    Help my pitiful soul!

    one short pause we wake eternally...
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    CSSA Economics Marks

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    2015 independent paper physics

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    Parametric Equations

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    Prelim Subject Selections