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    hey i was a student at truong's last year... (2008) in his 4u class... we didnt get the talk...

    hey i was a student at truong's last year... (2008) in his 4u class... we didnt get the talk... idk if u remember it but can u give me the gist? lol, its jst every1 was talking about it... the weeks leading up to the end but then he didnt give it so yea... much appreciated
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    USYD Pharmacy '09 Roll Call!

    hey... the timetables r out... jst checked... mines fine but u can change urs if u dont like it
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    People from james ruse....

    thats the thing... the math staff need the verb sheet... and he told me that the sheet is an internal thing for students goin to that skool
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    People from james ruse....

    hey, i heard that students from james ruse has a copy of a glossary of key terms. (in the same way that BOS has theirs) execpt it applies to math and is distributed to students from that school... can you send a copy to me if u have one?? ( thanks
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    Year 12 Jerseys

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    What should i get?

    i want to get a uai of ~95, currently undertaking ext2 math ext1 math engineering physics chemistry standard english
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    Year 12 Jerseys

    name: andy nguyen no idea what to put on the back of my jersey...
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    What does your study area look like? [POST PHOTOS]

    whoa... where did u print those calandars? and am i the onli one without a laptop?
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    DET policies that you may not have known...

    can u sue them for breaching it, can we dl from net? i wanna show that to my english teacher at parent-teacher
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    Research Project: Biopolymers

    thanks for ur replies i might choose PHB since you ppl say it is the easiest to find info on.... thanks again!
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    Research Project: Biopolymers

    wel i have polyhydroxybutyrate written on my assignment handout.
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    Research Project: Biopolymers

    hey i'm doing this reasearch project on a biopolymer and i dunno which one is better to do the project on. 'Better" as in the ease of finding info on it.... Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) polylactic acid (PLA) Cyclodextrins(CD)thanks :D
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    hey, i kinda newb wen it comes to fashion... but i heard that ckONE is pretty gud as a perfume for guys but i dunno wat the price for it is... anyone?
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    White slip-on shoes!

    r they comfortable? n wat types of clothes do they suit.... i'm a newb wen it comes to fashion
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    4u txtbooks

    hey, i dunno which txtbook to use for 4u atm i have Terry Lee 3rd ed. Not sure if its the same as the one's we have 2day. any thoughts? thanks :)
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    The road not taken

    is it ok to use it as related text even though it has been used as last years stimulus? thanks :)
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    RELATED TXT [not movie or songs]

    hey i need a related txt thats not a movie cuz i'm doing rabbit proof fence and not song lyric cuz i've never analysed it any suggestions? thanks:)
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    option topics (chem and phy)

    hey.... What option topics are you doing for physics and chemistry? And what school are you from?
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    UNSW Engineering Day

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    chem asssignement...extraction of copper

    hey.... i need help... does anyone know any links where i can get a map showing the worlds copper deposits? thanks....