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    Is law really that prestigous and how bad is oversuplly in it

    If you do law, you're an absolute shit cunt... unless it's environmental law.
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    Does the secret society still exist?

    Pretty self-explanatory, I haven't seen anything about them since coming to unsw.
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    Poll: Do a summer unit or work fulltime over the holidays (christmas holidays)

    Very dependent on circumstances, but probs best to go home during the holidays and might as well work a summer job.
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    How's everyone's first year of uni so far?

    Technology is ruining lectures.
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    Hard work vs. natural talent

    Natural talent is not really about memory, it's more about problem solving ability and figuring things out. Memorizing takes effort, if you're talented you don't need to put effort into memorizing to get a good score.
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    How do I maximise BSc score?

    Get all the questions right.
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    Can anyone help me with my study routine

    Fuck study, go to the gym instead.
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    Anyone, please

    You're not even 1/4 through your life, so not much point killing yourself because everything will change a lot, and you'll miss out if you kill yourself. Year twelve sucks, especially without friends, but it's only one more year, so just push through, and try to make some changes to everything...
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    Hard work vs. natural talent

    If you think it's only about memory... You probably don't have any natural talent...
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    Hard work vs. natural talent

    Depends, I did pretty well without really studying much at all, but one of my friends didn't have natural talent, but worked hard and also did really well.
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    BE/ME Electrical Engineering vs B Engineering/B Commerce

    Pretty much. Obviously having a commerce degree would be helpful, but not as much as a master's. From what I've read, having a master's is when you get to the interesting stuff. You can also get a master's later but that would take even longer. You're options are wide open, but yes, basically if...
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    BE/ME Electrical Engineering vs B Engineering/B Commerce

    Less range, but better engineering jobs with the master's. Do the commerce if you're not certain you want to do engineering.
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    Can I still achieve above 90ATAR with these results?

    Easy, just do better on the next ones.
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    High atar with low-scaling subjects?

    If you're doing low scaling subjects, does your atar really need to be that high? By the looks of it you don't want to go into med/law/eng, so just do your subjects and see what you get.
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    rote learning in chemistry

    Rote learning is disgusting and unless all you care about is your score, you're better off understanding the material because you can then figure things out much quicker and it will be more intuitive and you spend less time studying.
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    How to study for NAPLAN???

    Only tards study naplan
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    Should I do med if I plan on moving to the US in the future

    Do your undergrad in science or pre-med or whatever, then go to med school in the US.
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    Don't know how to take notes

    Write down everything your teacher says or writes down in class - don't use a laptop - and everything you learn from the textbook. And learn how to write coherently.
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    To all those who went to selective high schools

    Shit, it's filled with a bunch of unsocial cunts.