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    O-Week: Worth it?

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    True that Bachelor of Commerce sucks at Usyd?

    u guys realise dont you that qualifications are not the only selection criteria for a job. personal attributes, leadership skills, work ethic etc are also important. dont think that an employer looks at two candidates and says "hmm he has a BCom at UNSW but she has a BCom as USYD, ill choose so...
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    What Makes Usyd Law So Good Anyway?!

    there are plenty of people who hav got the 99.55+ required for law at Usyd who hav chosen instead to go to UTS. my friend works with one. starting out is hard, do u really want a 100k+ debt? of course, when ppl saw "im doing law", some people do ask "at sydney??", but the people that matter know...
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    missed unsw law by 0.05

    choice course, i guess ill see you round
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    2007 Top 200 School Rankings Daily Telegraph

    how many schools are there in the state? as in, is making the top 200 an achievement? im not being sarcastic just asking. go mosman high, 104 woooooot!!!!!!!
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    Official UAI Results

    Congrats to all i got 96.15 and i was always secretly aiming for around 95 so im happy. Guys who got all band 6s or E4s, well done. To everyone that got 99, a big congrats. To everybody that achieved their personal goal, you have suceeded most!
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    Pages written

    Oh u didnt get what i meant, i was referring to how did they know how many words there were. Because unless they counted, it meant using a prepared answer. soooo yeah
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    Exam Thoughts

    Mate i said exactly what u did, it was a nice thick tube on the outside of the vascular bundle, and it had those rings all the way up and they sure didnt look like lignin. But one of my friends said it was xylem sooo... lol wait and see aye
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    Exam Thoughts

    I was talking about this with my mates. Yes even though aldosterone retains Na+ ions and therefore water, not strictly rehydrating, the question is, why inhibit it? That was a specific of the question. I cant see how the body would benefit from inhibiting aldosterone as it increase water...
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    Pages written

    Hey you guys are all saying like "oh i wrote 12 pages (1175 words) and stuff... did u go through and count the words or... did u use a prepared essay and thats how u knew? coz i thought u were sposed to answer the question, not just fire off 25 pages of something different. Just curious is all...
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    muck up day

    Did any1 mention we were talking about muck up day?
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    I'm at 98.3 - is a 99.6 possible?

    man i suck at posting with quotes, does any1 know how to do it and only include certain sections?
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    I'm at 98.3 - is a 99.6 possible?

    If you love english and legal based courses, maybe courses such as international studies, global studies, liberal studies, or advanced arts with majors in anthropology, possibly socio-economic studies might do the trick. That way you are not devoting 5 years of your life towards a law degree...
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    muck up day

    HAHAHAHA bogan muck up day
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    guys clothes

    I wonder why...
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    Sounds an awful lot like Queenwood, but i suppose it would be similar for many private school girls. Will Ja'mie by joining you?
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    UMAT Results

    Im not exactly seeking an excuse here, but does anyone think that since i didnt even apply for undergraduate at unsw , i didnt apply for the umat until the morning of the last day of LATE entries, and only really did so was because my mum said i "shouldnt close off any options" to myself, this...
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    muck up day

    Im not sure if any1 realises, but muck up day was NEVER actually allowed. It was tolerated, but every1 knew what they were doing was wrong, as in it was very different behaviour to a normal school day. Nothing has changed, the admin staff tell you that muck up day has been banned, all that means...
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    UMAT Results

    U got the 100th percentile? holy crap! and u liv in newcastle already? should i just start calling you doctor now?
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    Too late too change?

    I have based essays and exams all year on "The Road Not Taken" for physical journeys, however it is quite lacking in terms of textual integrity. I wonder if it is worth it to change to perhaps "Journey To The Interior", which is very rich in imagery and techniques. The problem is, i have studied...