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    lol what a n00b #swag

    lol what a n00b #swag
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    Chances of making into a selective?

    Hello wassup! 3 Bs in your report isn't going to do you good.. Extra curricular is.. Okay.. Maybe you should've joined a few more sporting clubs? I go to nsg and our selection committee is meeting up on the 26th (according to our school calendar) so good luck ^_^ you might have a chance for...
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    Why have you had a detention?

    In year 2 I was bored so I drew toilets on the whiteboard during recess when no one was looking but the teacher came back for her mug and saw a giant (badly drawn) doodle of several toilets overlapping her questions for after recess so she got pissed because she couldn't show the class the...
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    Selective School For Year 11 - HELP!!!!

    Me? Because even though I applied this year the results haven't come out yet so you probably mean op lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Selective School For Year 11 - HELP!!!!

    I think your chances are really high your reports are awesome plus you have many extra curriculars but you never know unless the results come out, right? Best of luck! :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    St George entrance exam :)

    Good luck then ^_^ I'm so nervous waiting for my results :( lately I've been rejected from a lot of things.. My coles application for work (rejected) attempt to get in debating team for 3rd year in row (rejected) asking principal if I could end school earlier for holiday (rejected) Hope my...
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    St George entrance exam :)

    How did it go? :D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Year 10 2015 Selective Application

    Wow it certainly is verryyy impressive!! Your competition results show that you're really good in terms of academics, extra curricular looks nice. You're so pro in like academic completions omg :'> Just a note though, you didn't specify whether your report was for yr7/yr8/yr9 because although...
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    Guide to choosing subjects for Year 9 & 10

    re: Guide to choosing subjects for Year 9 & 10 Wow, I chose French, IST, commerce for my electives. French in year 8 was amazing, year 9- not so much, became so hard and the conjugations really test my crap memory. Also back then I thought it would be interesting learning a new language, lol...
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    Guide to Applying for a Selective School 2nd edition

    thanks, it was really helpful! although i was really shocked when you said the schools like ruse/baulko would have 100-200 applicants.. i had only expected 50 or so people from each year group.. damn :/