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    Pdhpe marks ?

    pdh was quite a hard exam, and im confused with my mark i got haha. just curious on everyone elses marks
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    adv eng 77 (81 external) sor 43 pdhpe 89 (92 external) business 87 IPT 89 gen maths 83 (87 external) HAHA i probably got the worst mark in this whole forum :D but i deserved what i got with the effort i put in
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    can someone please post the sor 2u exam please

    HAHA, i think i know who you are :haha:
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    HSC Graduates ! HSCyaLater :D

    Graduates of the HSC, from the feeling you have after completing your exams, what was your atar aim, and what do you think your going to get ? Be realistic, and lets see who actually believes that accomplished their atar goals ! :D
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    General Thoughts: Studies of Religion II

    the multiple choice was a bit tricky if you didnt know your content very well, however i thought the other questions were fair and decent. I done islam and christianity, and thats what i thought to be honest. Lets hope for the best and see what happens ! :D
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    2014 Internal Ranks Thread

    i dont understand how school rank affects your hsc mark ? someone explain this ? It would simply not make sense
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Who wants to race me in making a big mac ? 8 seconds boys, beat that HAHAHA :D:D ex-employee of 2.5 years
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    another use of multimedia ? individuals with disabilities, who cant physically move, therefore require voice recognition to change some things in their lives. e.g cant move to turn off the tv, use voice recognition :D BAM , but i only wrote 3/4 of a page :/ haha
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    What's everyone doing POST HSC?

    My list - Go gym and lift heavy - Get a job and make some $$$ - Join a footy club - Do some martial arts - Have some fun with my life and enjoy myself - And spend a whole day fishing AND GET MY P's AND FINISH MY L's Log Book :/ The worst of them all :D hhahahah
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    apparently everyone found it to be a decent exam tbh but the better everyone does, the worse itll be
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    Quesitons please. Im just curoius what i got lol. And type them, thatll take forever haha ? Just a photo would save you heaps of time lol
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    yeah can anyone post the multiple choice up ?
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    Thoughts on the exam?

    can someone put up the multiple choice by any chance ?
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    Construction project management - general info and questions

    and one more thing, who actually thinks there going to reach the atar cut off HAHA ? its become a 90.9 now :/ UWS here we come :(:(:(
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    Construction project management - general info and questions

    oh perfect ! thanks for the replies :D My final question on the website of uts, for bachelor construction project management, it says you can become a qualified property developer as well After your degree, are you qualified as one, or do you need to undertake extra courses or industry hours...
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    Bachelor of Construction Project Management

    LOL, im up for this course next year hopefully if i get in ! Doesnt anyone do this course? i cant find anyone who does it for some insight haha Thanks ! Anyone else considering this course next year ?
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    Formula sheet and any extras ?

    general maths is actually a difficult course. People think that because its "general", its very easy. however questions are tricky and there not as straight forward as one may think. LOL, my 2cents worth :D
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    Formula sheet and any extras ?

    anyone have any answers LOL ?
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    Formula sheet and any extras ?

    hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has worked out what extra formuals we need to remember that arent on the formula sheet given Thanks !
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    Construction project management

    LOL UNSW, i personally would prefer UTS for some reason, dont ask why HAHA (not to forget, transport to UNSW is quite difficult) But is anyone enrolled in this course from the BOS admins or users and can provide some info on the course ?