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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Session Course Title Result ======================================================== T2 MECH3610 Advanced Thermofluids............87 HD T2 MECH4620 Computational Fluid Dynamics.....92 HD T2 MMAN2100 Engineering Design 2.............85 HD T2...
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    Official UNSW S1 2017 Results

    Session Course Title Result ======================================================== T1 ANAT2511 Fundamentals of Anatomy..........86 HD T1 MATH2089 Numerical Methods & Statistics...91 HD T1 MMAN3200 Linear Systems and Control.......88 HD...
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    Probability Help

    Hey guys, I ran into this question today: Catch any pokemon every 5 minutes on average, 42 different pokemon total, how long before you have caught every kind of pokemon? you can use whatever program you want, need to explain assumptions. I was thinking of using a Poisson...
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    Doing well in 4 Unit Maths at a 300+ ranked school

    Hey guys, I have a sibling who will be doing 4 unit maths in Year 12. Unlike other subjects, I never really figured out how to approach 4 unit maths. My teachers taught the bare minimum, weren't really great and didn't even end up finishing Mechanics let alone getting up to covering Harder 3...
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    Harvard Travel Scholarship - Figuring out degree plan

    Hey guys, I got accepted into the Harvard Travel scholarship at unsw. I plan on doing 2 subjects there meaning I need to make up/catch up on two subjects somewhere throughout by degree whether it be through overloading/extending my degree. I have these subjects left to do (in the picture below)...
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    Selling Chemistry and Physics Notes | Chemistry (96 HSC) | Physics (98 Exam Mark)

    Just wondering, do you have any year 11 notes still lying around?
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    UNSW 16/S2 Official Results Thread

    Ooft rough sem Session Course Title Result ======================================================== T2 BIOM9420 Clinical Laboratory Science......82 DN T2 ELEC1111 Elec & Telecomm Eng..............85 HD T2 MMAN2300 Engineering Mechanics...
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    UNSW Harvard Scholarship

    Thanks so much baktiar!!
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    UNSW Harvard Scholarship

    Yeah pretty much just confused at the moment. Trying to figure out how I actually apply :|
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    UNSW Harvard Scholarship

    Hey guys, I ran into this scholarship: At first I thought there is no way in hell I will ever get this thing, but after talking with some mates, they encouraged me to just apply and see what happens. Being an Australian born kid, currently going to UNSW, I have no...
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    ======================================================== T1 MATH2019 Engineering Mathematics 2E.......90 HD T1 MMAN2130 Design and Manufacturing.........87 HD T1 MMAN2400 Mechanics of Solids 1............95 HD T1 MMAN2700 Thermodynamics...................96 HD...
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    If mine looks like that I can't figure anything out about my wam yeah?
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    woo 90 in math2019
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    Second year, completed 72 UOC. I think they're late this year:
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    legit?? the list still hasn't been published and its like july.
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    lel anyone know when the deans honours list for engineering gets released/provisional marks for math2019?
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    Pdhpe (94) cheap notes ($4) includes full mark example responses

    Hey guys! I completed my HSC, attaining a final HSC Mark of 94 in PDHPE and an internal ranking of 2/27 at William Carey Christian School. I am now selling my full set of premium PDHPE notes. FULLY FEATURED SAMPLE...
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    SELL| PREMIUM WORKED SOLUTIONS for Cambridge and Fitzpatrick both 3U and 4U

    Hey LandCo, could you send me the Terry Lee powerpoints to? Kinda interested as well.