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  1. J

    Enough to get in Civil Engineering 2004?

    i'm doing UNSW civil engineering. see ya there
  2. J

    Internet Question in Short Answers

    didnt the year bracket closest to the vertical axis have the greatest increase because it had the steepest gradient?
  3. J

    Multiple choice section

    pretty sure it was photo 2. my mate got the same answer. the photo with the rock in it
  4. J

    HSC Standards Package

    hey yenta how would u send the standards package? i've been trying to get em from school but they're too tight. if you could, could u make available one of the examplars from each extended response. that would be awesome. cheers Josh
  5. J

    All about music

    travis coldplay sigur ros gersey gelbison the thrills the coral the sleepy jackson interpol radiohead oasis kings of leon mum
  6. J

    sigur ros anyone?

    i heard a bit of mum on 2ser 107.3 today. awesome stuff. first time i'd listened to this station as well. i shall be tuning in more often.
  7. J

    sigur ros anyone?

    you told me how u got von before. its good to hear that there are really dedicated sigur ros fans who are willing to spend $70 on a cd. thats a bit much for me even if i am a fan of them. i wish there were more ppl like her around. sigur ros fans aren't too easy to come by.
  8. J

    sigur ros anyone?

    hey that guy that got von had it burnt from some guy in a radiohead forum. i was as surprised as you were when i heard he had von. the new clip is pretty good but i still like vidrar better. i just found untitled 1 a bit slow and boring.
  9. J

    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    would anyone who got band 6 in any subject be willing to put up their school assesment marks? this would be a good guide ( to me at least) cheers
  10. J

    who went to Discovery? (feb 18-20)

    them highlighters ruled. made my day.
  11. J

    who went to Discovery? (feb 18-20)

    i saw the wiley park girls standing on the side!!!!!!!!
  12. J

    UOW day

    i went to a geosciences lecture and there were 7 people in it! my next lecture and more than 150. weird
  13. J

    who went to Discovery? (feb 18-20)

    i was at discovery day on thursday. a worthwhile day. i am from hurlstone ag high.
  14. J

    sigur ros anyone?

    hey which single were you talking about? i didn't think they had singles released in australia. where did u get it from? i'm jealous, i want all things sigur ros. Josh
  15. J

    sigur ros anyone?

    yeah! good on ya. they were gonna come down under after the euro tour. but instead they're goin to america again which they just completed a tour of of last month. that pisses me off so much. bands can never stay away from america. hope they come sooner rather than later coz i've got the HSC...
  16. J

    Your attitdes toward geography

    hey coffee fan i'm not sure how many people want to do town planning but i know with surveying, i aint taking any chances with the cutoff. i'm hoping that no one wants do my course so i can easily get in but that won't happen. it's worrying for me coz i've seen articles about my course in the...
  17. J

    sigur ros anyone?

    too right! they will be touring here after their tour of europe and japan. you gonna go? i won't miss it for anything. many people have said track 8 is such a great song but i'm still gettting used to the 2nd half of (). it's different to every other song of theirs i've heard. and i totally...
  18. J

    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    nah mate i go to hurlstone. i was just talking about someone i knew that went to fort st. would you know a bloke by the name of geoff lai. i used to go to primary school with him.
  19. J

    Which is the best private school? have your say.

    ] i know chris ng, used to be in the same class. our school is all selective but the boarders tend to be on a different level to the day students. we have lots of people who are relaxed about school but most still want to do well and are quite competitive.