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    UNSW S1/18 Result Thread

    @KingOfActing Which of your COMP courses do you think has been added. Prog chals or ext algos?
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    UNSW S1/18 Result Thread

    Its not OS, mine hasn't changed.
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    Questions regarding change of degree

    Does it display your new wam when you ipt?
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    IPT Offers

    When do they come out?
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    S1/17 WAM Predictions

    Definitely didn't do the COMP you did.
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    S1/17 WAM Predictions

    What COMP do you do?
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    unsw email redirect

    Cheers! Been using the official uni outlook to make emails for a year and this will definitely make things a lot easier
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    unsw email redirect

    Hey When redirecting unsw emails to a personal email account, is there a way to set it up such that the reply email is the official university email. Thanks.
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    Cheers. Guess that confirms it then
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    Did 3 subjects this sem. My wam's decimal place ends in .545 (Have done 2 previous sems of 4 subjects each) Someone explain?
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    LF uni students with Android devices

    Nice app! Will definitely use test it next semester as the current semester is coming to an end. Might I suggest some form of integration to find out when a friend is free while at uni.
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    should i leave TABL1710/INFS1602

    TABL1710 is considered a wam killer?
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    tabl vs infs

    So next sem, I've decided to do MGMT1001, ECON1101 and ACCt1501. I need help deciding what to do for my last commerce unit. At the moment I'm trying to toss between TABL1710 or INFS1602. Cons that I have heard so far TABL1710 - More work required than INFS1602 INFS1602 - Group work makes getting...
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    b com major

    finance or financial economics help me decide
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    tabl1710 final exam

    How is the tabl1710 final exam structured?
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    CVEN2002 in Summer

    Hey guys, I'm looking into doing CVEN2002 in summer. Does anyone here care to share their experience in doing this course of the summer break. Cheers
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    How hard is engineering?

    What do you study and how hard is it?
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    thesis in the unsw b engineering degrees

    Could someone explain to me how the thesis component of the degree works? Thanks