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    What you hate about UNSW

    Has it been mentioned how mathews theatre smells like absolute dogshit legitimately skip all my lectures in there
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Fair enough fair enough just have to wait til thursday for the results I guess thanks lads for the replies
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Is it safe to assume the wam using the wam glitch is final at this point? Haven't done this trick before but my wam went up and I swear I failed two of my subjects.
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    UNSW Food Guide

    Ye can confirm quad food court HSP is the best.
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    Dropping to Standard

    Holy wow completely forgot I made this post but I made the drop and did relatively alright (85 for HSC Standard). But it was one hell of a ride in standard so yeah I think standard+advanced are relatively similar and definitely should've stayed in advanced but I got my ATAR goal so hurrah. Thx...
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    Getting into engineering

    Ye should do internal transfer at the end of first year (65+ WAM for single degree engi I think). I suggest enrolling into Bachelor of Science and transferring from there since some units carry on as I know somebody who's doing this but dunno if he got in (WAM-wise)
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    Easiest Engineering Elective for first years?

    Pro tip: Would not recommend PTRL1010 if you have 0 rote learn commitment like legit average 40+ lecture slides to remember. The course itself is easy as it's only midsem and finals which were dirt easy but content was so unbearably boring (chose it as an elective doing civil engineering) plus...
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    Drop chem and pick up senior science?

    Would recommend just sticking with chem; senior science scales really poorly while chem on the other hand scales the highest out of the science courses if I recollect
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    Late to School- Eligibility for the HSC

    I think I had like 8 unexplained partial absences, a shit ton of lates and two months worth of full absences after trial period but still got my hsc results for my school last year
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    Late To School

    I remember last year I stopped going to school for two months to study and still got my HSC results for my school.
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    How to solve this MC question?

    Use the standard potentials table for (1/2Cr2O7)2- ands (SO4)2- should be A
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    Dropping to Standard

    Yeah, I know there have been a lot of posts about this topic, but I'm still not sure about whether to drop to standard from advanced. My marks haven't been the best I can definitely acknowledge that; I got 16/23 comprehension 9/15 creative writing 9/15 speech 10/25 speech 10/25 essay and still...