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    shcoolies and sex

    save sex for marriage. enjoy the sun and the surf at schoolies, thats my plan.
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    Estimate Your Raw Mark.

    theres alot of nobs in here crapping on about how great they are. its ecos, not the hardest thing in the world.
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

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    Ivory Trail - top left hand corner

    a myriad is a large number of something. not a noun, they are temples or mosques as the other ppl said. :)
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    Any spare spots for schoolies rooms?

    this is the lamest thread ever. i got a room already btw, so disragard everything written above. PEACE OUT EVERYONE
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    Any spare spots for schoolies rooms?

    ohh btw. if anyone is mayb possibly interested in sharing with me or giving me a spot or whatever i wouldnt hesitate to come meet you first so u can check out my hot bod. kidding, or jus to see that i am not a freak.
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    Any spare spots for schoolies rooms?

    ahhh noone is replying. im freaking out. unpopularr.
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    Any spare spots for schoolies rooms?

    hey dudes. umm ive left this heaps late but i need to find a room for schoolies. ill bunk with anyone really. i am a guy, im 18 and i go to st ives high. im not a weirdo, im not planning on any massive orgies, or doing drugs or getting overly pissed and ill be out like all the time and its...