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    Liberal or Labor?

    neither does what you said fucktard :)
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    Liberal or Labor?

    hi for the sake of humanity please go fuck yourself kindly
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    The Official 2010 Pre-HSC/Trials Rage-Quit Thread

    shit, you guys already have trials ! ffffuck
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    Liberal or Labor?

    i wish costello or keating were still running for gov ! but for now, labour > libs. abbot seems unequipped to run a country. too conservative & old fashioned to be able to function in global politics imo.
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    vocab for eng

    -research the area you are investigating on google to find some good terms related to your coursework. eg - for texts you are examining in english, google some critical readings about the book itself, this should hopefully equip you with some useful vocab and words. -contrary to what the person...
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    zomg atar estimate???!!??

    +1 LOL owned :)
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    due to my lack of organisational skills, i have left the organisation of schoolies very late... we live in sydney and would like somewhere with some sort of nightlife, beach, bars, clubs, etc where we can drive preferably ? not too keen on gold coast, would loveeee to go but cant as most places...
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    history project help !

    So, for my history project i was looking into a couple of different areas of which to research. - Blood conflict diamonds - Irish Easter rising - personality of vladimir lenin Would anyone have any ideas on how to examine these issues in way that is pertinent to history extension...
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    Ecosystems at risk-- notess pleasee!!!

    look @ the resources section.
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    visual image techniques ?

    its not as a related text, in our school we are forced to look @ a creative visual in order to 'draw connections' from our texts from module a. it is unseen. stupidest task ever.
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    visual image techniques ?

    Yoooo ! is there anyone who would have links to any pages or any ideas or suggestions about how to study visual images in relation to english - eg. techniques such as vector lines, etc ? if you had any useful sites or any insight on visual image analysis at all, please share :) thanks
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    Gendered Language

    I know that not many students do module C for ext. english but i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for related texts for gendered language.. so texts that somehow construct/challenge or perpetrate accepted cultural views regarding masculinity or femininity ? Any suggestions would be...
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    Language and Gender

    yeah were doing language and values also. im soo glad were doing mod c. is alot more interesting. crime fiction and genre all those other electives looked shite. apparently were doing floor of heaven and elizabeth ? havent really started as yet, am finding it quite interesting... is floor of...
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    2010 s&c kids

    ARRRGH. its so hard to choose a topic my god ! SOME ONE GIVE ME IDEAS ! & person above contemplating mental illness - id recommend against, most people we have talked to have all strongly recommended against doing anything to do with mental illnesses ..
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    Drop Ancient or Chemistry?

    KEEP ANCIENT. obviously. if you like ancient and are pulling 98%, obviously keep it. if you like a subject you'll try even harder hence getting better marks. keep at the ancient ferr sure. If you don't like chem and aren't getting good marks in it, then drop it.. That'll only drag your atar down...
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    2009 Preliminary Yearlies Discussion Thread

    re: Preliminary Yearlies Discussion Thread haha nah were 'meant' to go back.. but ehh it'll just be the end of yr 11 anyways.. so yeah once these exams are done im not going back until t4 lol :)
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    2009 Preliminary Yearlies Discussion Thread

    re: Preliminary Yearlies Discussion Thread its sorta good that yours are in one week because they're over faster and then holidays start earlier because you don't have to go to schoool after them :)
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    2009 Preliminary Yearlies Discussion Thread

    re: Preliminary Yearlies Discussion Thread gahhh mine all start tomorrow with english :( FML haven't really studied, don't really care atm but when i get my shit results back ill caree fuuuck. :( and oh oh someone help: whats the best way to study for english ? every exam ive gone into...
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    The McDonald's Thread

    lmao are you calling me a dropout ? hahaha rightio mate. (:
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Heyya. well iive worked at maccas for around a year and got the job first try without any other experience ! woo lol maccas is usually fun to work at, generally pays well, has fun people around that are our age, good experience for your c.v and is a relatively easy and stress-free...