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    Cotton On

    hey waterbottle, wat store did u get into? how long did it take for them to contact u after u applied? btw does ur employment cease wen christmas is over? becus its christmas casual positions?
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    Cotton On

    at which store but?
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    Cotton On

    Have any of you guys applied for Christmas positions at Cotton On???
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    John Howards Ir Package - Work Choice

    How Effective Is This Package? And How Ineffective Is It?
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    Any essays on workplace? Cheers
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    Looking For Alibrandi!

    Does Anyone Have Notes For This On Physical Journey? I Urgently Need It!! Pleassssse!!! Cheers!
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    2005 Wwi Hsc

    What do you think they'll ask for this section this year? My teacher said they might ask for Total war
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    2005 Arab Israeli Conflict

    What do you think they'll ask for this years question?
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    2005 Germany Hsc

    Hi, I just want everyone to post up here what you think they'll put in the HSC this year for Germany and Albert Speer. I think for this year they might ask Totalitarian and Nazi Foreign policy! post what you think, cheers
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    Retail Notes

    Has Anyone Got Any Notes For Retail? Summaries? Please Post Here! Thank You!
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    Voices say that I’m dead So many things, going through my head Cause it’s coming to an end The heart is my only friend No point in faith, No such thing in fate Loneliness is grey Tragedy is black So don’t try to act Because I’m not taking you back What do you think about that? I...
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    Legal Studies : family

    Can everyone who did legal studies trials previous or recent, please post up the questions you recieved. Cheers!
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    Two Exams At Same Time!

    Hi guys, My actual hsc exam for Retailing and General Maths are at the same time. What can be done? Cheers!
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    English Help! (trials Coming)

    help anyone?
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    English Help! (trials Coming)

    Hey, Im having early trials starting soon, Week 9 Term 2. My Advanced English Topics are: Area of Study: Physical Journey Skrzyneckis poems 1. Emma/Clueless 2. King Lear 3. Front Line Can anyone give me advices on how to prepare and be ready for my exams. Like for Emma and Clueless how...
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    any more places?
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    M/ History Trials Help!

    Hey guys! My school has early trials, starting on week 9 of term 2. In the test we are going to be assessed on WWI and Germany (Albert Speer) Can anyone tell me give me any advice on what to concentrate on most and hints and tips to achieve band 6? Like anything that I must focus on and...
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    ** Music Industry **

    thanx man!
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    ** Music Industry **

    like recording and producing ( how to use the recording studio).. I know its not that easy to get in the industry.. Just need some advice on what to do thats all.. Cheers!
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    ** Music Industry **

    Heyz! Does anyone know what University is the best to go to enter the music industry? (eg, music production and stuff like that). I heard the entry is by auditioning. I don't know much about Music audtioning but would love to have it as my future. Is there another way besides getting in...