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    MC Answers

    isnt 12 (c) coz it says on the grapph EMISSION REMAINING.. hence.. the more thats remaining, the less dats given off in the combustion...
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    so.. does that include... scaled mark? plz tell me it does... my only hope this is f!@$ing stressing me out
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    i need to get my fukin name in the newspapers.. and i thought i would definately get a band 6 for 2u.. it was hell easy in the stupid exam room and now fuckin checking the answrs i got 104/120 FUCK!? u knwo the smh they post everyones mark.. like band 6 and shit.. is it RAW MARK OR SCALED MARK...
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    Bruce Dawe

    you're meant to at least do 2~ i did three.. does it matter how many pages u write.. isnt is 'quality of the work' dat counts the the 'quantity'?
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    Cicada Poem

    Was the cicada's poem reflecting humanity's way of change..?? i said the reference to a 'cicada' was an extentened metaphor/symbolism reflecting human's way of change.... am i wrong?
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    Which exams are hardest?

    cssa was hard
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    NEAP Chemistry paper

    stop complaining.... the cssa chem trial was soo crap... at least neap had questions according to the syllabus.. cssa's questions were all made up..