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    Textile Mid Course Assignment

    i need to elaborate on these few questions as i checked with my teacher and she said what i had written was incorrect:( 1.Identify and briefly describe TWO niche markets in the Australian Textiles, Clothing and Footwear industry. 2.What would be the most appropriate steps for dyeing...
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    2005 Schoolies Cruise!!!

    i booked at engadine travel agency for the 8th too.
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    never been 'kissed'

    wats spooning?
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    Who went to the Kogarah Fashion Parade?

    texstyle i thought the piece ins the exibit werent all that good. they were pretty boring. the best bit were the booklets and the lectures
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    physics students 2005

    hey physics student in the space topic post questions and answers, test etc in this thread so everyone can learn from each other.
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    does neone hav ne ideas on wat there guna do 4 the MTP? also our teacher sed we cant start lessons untill 1st term but we can do sum ova the holidays! is this the same for everyone?
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    contemporary designer

    yea yea were allowed to do any designer or fashion house i was thinking of doing Chanel! does ne one have ne useful info on her?
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    Physics Students 2005

    yea yea everybody post notes and questions n stuff.:):)and if u have worked answers post them to...i will send some in anytime soon just got 2 make sure there correct! also it would be greatly benificial if everyone helps to make summaries of each point on the as u do one post...
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    yr12 assignment

    thanx for that theyre a great help
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    girls doing physics

    8 guys and 2 girls in my class
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    Peter Skryznecki + ORT

    hey can u send me these notes my addy is
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    how do u study?

    hey...where r u guna post it?
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    yr12 assignment

    does neone know any links to good Coco Chanel websites i can only find the"Chanel" website and other pointless ones!
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    Physics Students 2005

    hey...some one posted in the physics exam thoughts for '05 physics students to talk bout how they think theyre goin with the course and to post ne harder questions or what theyre having trouble with and everyone can learn form it, i thought it was a good idea so lets start one up in the right...
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    The 2004 HSC - Textiles & Design Paper

    question5 the ans 2 Q5 is c) polyester...the crystallinity or sumfing? thats wat my teacher told us